Brave New Worldview.

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TitleBrave New Worldview.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsKripal, J. J.
JournalChronicle of Higher Education
PaginationB7 - B9
Keywords1894-1963, Aldous, BRAVE New World (Book), Buddhism in literature, DYSTOPIAS in literature, HUXLEY, ISLAND (Book), RELIGION & science, UTOPIAS in literature, Zen Buddhism

The article presents a profile of the philosophical ideas and literary career of author Aldo us Huxley. The author reflects on ideological disputes between science and religion and presents Huxley's ideas in such books as "Island" and "The Doors of Perception." Huxley's incorporation of Eastern traditions such as Taoism, Zen and Antic Buddhism and its relation to neuroscience and pharmacology is presented. The author contrasts the mechanized consumerism dystopia of the book "Brave New World" with Huxley's intellectual mysticism and Buddhist neurobiology. Other topics include utopias in literature, animal magnetism, religious faith, and belief.