Building a Harmonious Society and Achieving Individual Harmony.

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TitleBuilding a Harmonious Society and Achieving Individual Harmony.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsHan, A.
JournalJournal of Chinese Political Science
KeywordsCHINA} – Economic conditions – {2000-, Chinese} {society, Chinese} {values, Daoism, ECONOMIC development, harmonious society, Harmony, INCOME} distribution – {China, SOCIAL} {aspects, SOCIAL} {stability, SOCIAL} {structure, Taoism, {CHINA

Rapid economic growth in China is accompanied by economic disparity, corruption, crime, and a great deal of frustration among China’s citizens. These social problems threaten the country’s further development, social stability, and harmony. This study discusses the recent campaign in China for a harmonious society. Many Chinese scholars, officials, and citizens seem to believe that more effective and efficient social structures will result in social harmony. However, social harmony is a more complex social psychological phenomenon which is determined by the interactions among social values, people, and society. People achieve social harmony when they feel their values and desires are attainable in society. They have to make strong social and psychological effort if they want to successfully achieve harmony with nature, society, and themselves. {[ABSTRACT} {FROM} {AUTHOR]}