Chan-Da-da(o)-De-construction or, the cultural (il)logic of contemporary Chinese "avant-garde" art.

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TitleChan-Da-da(o)-De-construction or, the cultural (il)logic of contemporary Chinese "avant-garde" art.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsGladston, P.
Date Published2008
ISBN Number1683-3082
Keywordsart criticism, Art: - China, avant-garde, Buddhism, deconstructionism, Gao, Ming-lu, History and Art, Huang, Yong-ping, inter-cultural artistic influences, Philosophy and Art, Religion and Art, Taoism, Zhao, Shu-lin

Discusses the idea that there is a direct correspondence between the Chinese art's appropriation of deconstructive techniques from Western avant-garde art, and the non-rationalist philosophical tradtitions of Chinese culture present in Daoism and Chan Buddhism. The author quotes the earliest example of art criticism that took this viewpoint, by the author Huang Yong-ping. He explores the conceptual grounds for Huang's argument and outlines historical examples, relates arguments to the contrary from Zhao Shulin and Gao Minglu, charts the development of deconstructive thought in Western philosophy, and contrasts this with examples of the same in the Chinese Daoist and Chan aesthetic traditions. He concludes by asserting that though they share much on conceptual and practical grounds, no definite direct relationship can be established.