The Daodejing: - Resources for Contemporary Feminist Thinking

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TitleThe Daodejing: - Resources for Contemporary Feminist Thinking
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsLai, K.
JournalJournal of Chinese Philosophy
Date Published2000
ISBN Number0301-8121
KeywordsChinese, Confucianism, Feminism, Social Philosophy, Taoism

This paper explores the contribution of early Daoist thought to contemporary feminist philosophy. It has often been noted that the 0RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT2Daodejing1RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT20RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT2 - stands in contrast to other texts of the same period in its positive evaluation of femininity and of values associated with the feminine. This paper takes a cautious approach to the Daoist concept of the feminine, noting in particular its emphasis on the characteristic of feminine submissiveness. On the other hand, the paper seeks to demonstrate that the Daoist treatment of contrastive pairs--in particular, the Daoist notion of complementarity--provides a powerful conceptual scheme within which the notions of both femininity and masculinity may be articulated.1RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT2