Die {„Mystik“} des Individualismus Anmerkungen zu Paulo Coelho.

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TitleDie {„Mystik“} des Individualismus Anmerkungen zu Paulo Coelho.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsLätzel, M.
JournalInternational Journal of Practical Theology
Date Publishedoct

Paulo Coelho is one of the most famous authors of Brazil. He sells millions of books. The leitmotif of his work is spirituality and individualism. The success of this author is a challenge for pastoral care and practical theology. What do people hope to find in Coelho's novels, which focus on the individual in relationship with God? The person in his novels is, as an individual, responsible for a successful life. God supports the individual's efforts. The novels seem to leave no room for those who fail. Further, the novels of Coelho are permeated with syncretism; he mixes doctrines and perspectives of Christianity, Judaism, Taoism and Islam. The question is whether Paulo Coelho is a modern mystic or a clever businessman? The essay offers no final answer, concluding that he may well be a mystic, but he may be a businessman, who creates narratives to suit his purposes and sell books. Obviously Coelho reaches many people, apparently touching the human urge for spirituality and yearning for transcendence. In any case, we are faced with the question of what people are searching for today and what pastoral care can offer to meet their needs. {[ABSTRACT} {FROM} {AUTHOR]}

DOI10.15.15 / {IJPT.2006.017}