East and West: some immanent thoughts on paradigmatic intersection.

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TitleEast and West: some immanent thoughts on paradigmatic intersection.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsSoich, M.
JournalJournal of Multicultural Discourses
Pagination271 - 290
KeywordsAfro-Brazilian dance, cultural colonization, CULTURAL imperialism, Eastern paradigms, Immanence, IMMANENCE (Philosophy), INTERNATIONAL relations & culture, LATIN America, LATIN America – Social conditions, Peruvian, philosophical Daoism, Philosophy, Taoism

As a result of its long history under the weight of political, economical, and cultural imperialism, Latin America still suffers in many ways from West-centric cultural colonization. This influence is notably strong in the academic milieu. Following Shi-xu's suggestion that new and more inclusive Eastern paradigms should be constructed out of the dialogue between Eastern and Western thought, this paper aims to elaborate a paradigmatic co-existence, stressing its philosophical aspect. For this purpose I use Chinese Daoism and Afro-Brazilian danza de orixas as 'conceptual tools' to visualize some of the dominant Western patterns that shape our present academic procedures and general standpoints. I argue in favor of a philosophy of immanence as the proper frame for paradigmatic dialogue and construction. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]