The history of sex. 2, Eastern world

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TitleThe history of sex. 2, Eastern world
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsHufnail, M., Milio J., Peltier M. J., McPherson K., Coyote P., MPH Entertainment(Firm), History Channel(Television network), Arts and Entertainment Network., A & E Home Video, & New Video Group.
Date Published2000///
PublisherA&E Home Video : New Video Group [distributor]
Place Published[South Burlington, VT]
ISBN Number0767026276 978076702627

The second segment in a series exploring the worldwide history of sex and sexual practices from ancient civilizations through the 20th century. Part two: The Eastern world for centuries has regarded sex not only as natural but also as mind-expanding and spiritual. With an intriguing perspective on the connection between sexuality, philosophy and spirituality, this segment gives an intimate glimpse inside China, Japan, India and the Arab world -- the homes to mystery, exploration and the religious classification of sex.