The Jesus Sutras rediscovering the lost scrolls of Taoist Christianity

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TitleThe Jesus Sutras rediscovering the lost scrolls of Taoist Christianity
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsPalmer, M. J., & Wong E.
Date Published2001
PublisherBallantine Pub. Group
ISBN Number0345434242
KeywordsChristianity and other religions -- Taoism, Dunhuang manuscripts

Palmer's work in recovering the history of Christianity in China, Tibet, and Central Asia reads like an Indiana Jones-style travel adventure. . . . {Palmer} here presents an engaging fusion of scholarly treatise, travelog, and autobiography that will attract both casual readers and scholars. Recommended for both public and academic libraries. (50-500 words); - Palmer, director of the International Consultancy on Religion, Education and Culture, is a scholar of Chinese literature and culture who earlier translated a number of important ancient Taoist texts. . . . The @Sutra of Jesus Christ,' probably compiled around 650 C.E. in China, brings Jesus into harmony with other religious figures. . . . This volume is a splendid and important contribution to our knowledge of the history of Christianity and interreligious contacts. (501-1000 words)