Logos of Dao: - The Primal Logic of Translatability

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TitleLogos of Dao: - The Primal Logic of Translatability
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsGandadean, A.
JournalAsian Philosophy
Date Published2002
ISBN Number0955-2367
KeywordsCulture, Global, Logos, Philosophy, Taoism, translation

In these reflections I - attempt to resituate the philosophical concerns and challenges of interpretation and translation between worlds in the more expansive context of the global philosophy of worldviews, which probes more deeply into the universal common ground of diverse worlds as they have evolved through the ages. This global space in which widely diverse worldviews (cultures, religions, ideologies, cosmologies, disciplinary narratives, interpretations, translations...) meet and interact opens new horizons and frontiers in exploring the hermeneutical, logical and ontological conditions for the possibility of interpretation and translation across worldviews and traditions. How is translation possible across widely variant worlds?