Participation Rates in New Religious and Para-Religious Movements

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TitleParticipation Rates in New Religious and Para-Religious Movements
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1982
AuthorsBird, F., & Reimer B.
JournalJournal for the Scientific Study of Religion
Date PublishedMar

This article analyzes participation rates in new religious and para-religious movements, as indicated by surveys administered in Montreal in 1975 and 1980. When these movements are broadly defined to include various charismatic and semi-religious therapy and martial arts groups, then the survey data indicate both a comparative high rate of participation but also a remarkably high rate for dropping out of these movements. The average participant associates for a while with these movements, often as a peripheral adherent, and then drops out. The article analyzes the kinds of groups persons are most likely to have participated in, and some of the characteristic features of participants.