Like a Splinter in Your Mind: - The Philosophy behind the Matrix Trilogy

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TitleLike a Splinter in Your Mind: - The Philosophy behind the Matrix Trilogy
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsLawrence, M.
Date Published2004
PublisherBlackwell Publishing
ISBN Number1405125241
KeywordsFilm, Free Will, Matrix, Metaphysics, Mind, Mysticism, Real, Value

The 0RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT2Matrix1RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT20RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT2 - films are not just about Kung Fu and special effects. Rather, they are about knowledge, reality, consciousness, freedom, fate, foreknowledge, good, evil, faith, enlightenment, and the very meaning of existence. In short, they are about philosophy--with some impressive special effects on the side. Matt Lawrence brings a philosopher's insight to all three of the 1RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT20RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT2Matrix1RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT20RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT2 - films, giving us a better appreciation of the trilogy, and a solid grasp of key issues in metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, philosophy of mind, race and gender, existentialism, Taoism and mysticism. And while his focus is squarely on the films, he also shows us how these questions relate to our own lives and our own philosophical journeys. (publisher, edited)1RW1S34RfeSDcfkexd09rT2