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Declarations of the Perfected

Submitted by LvKohn on Tue, 03/05/2013 - 09:12
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Declarations of the Perfected

Part One: Setting Scripts and Images into Motion


Due out April 2013; Paperback, ISBN 978-1-931483-81-0, $35.95


Journal of Daoist Studies 6 (2013)

Submitted by LvKohn on Thu, 02/21/2013 - 12:04
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JOURNAL OF DAOIST STUDIES 6 (2013) is ready for shipping


Galia Dor
The Chinese Gate: A Unique Void for Inner Transformation

Mihwa Choi
Materializing Salvation: A Liturgical Program and Its Agenda

Elmar Oberfrank
Secretly Transmitted Direct Pointers to the Great Elixir

Daniel M. Murray & James Miller
The Daoist Society of Brazil and the Globalization of Orthodox Unity Daoism

Xu Liying

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The Way of the Golden Elixir: A Historical Overview of Taoist Alchemy

PDF, 60 pp., free download

ABSTRACT: Chinese alchemy has a history of more than two thousand years, recorded from the 2nd century BCE to the present day. Its two main branches, known as Waidan (External Alchemy) and Neidan (Internal Alchemy), share in part their doctrinal foundations but differ from one another in the respective practices.

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This volume in the Contemporary Anarchist Studies series focuses on anti-statist critiques in ancient and modern China and demonstrates that China does not have an unchallenged authoritarian political culture.

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Picturing the True Form investigates the long-neglected visual culture of Daoism, China’s primary indigenous religion, from the tenth through thirteenth centuries with references to earlier and later times. In this richly illustrated book, Susan Huang provides a comprehensive mapping of Daoist images in various media, including Dunhuang manuscripts, funerary artifacts, paintings, and other charts, illustrations, and talismans preserved in the fifteenth-century Daoist Canon.

The Essential Cantong qi

Submitted by Fabrizio Pregadio on Mon, 05/21/2012 - 17:57
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This is an abridged version of the full translation found in The Seal of the Unity of the Three, containing 32 of the 88 poems. Available only in PDF. See this web page.

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Fabrizio Pregadio, The Seal of the Unity of the Three.  Vol. 2 — Bibliographic Studies on the Cantong qi

Golden Elixir Press is pleased to announce the publication of Vol. 2 of The Seal of the Unity of the Three, subtitled Bibliographic Studies on the Cantong qi: Commentaries, Essays, and Related Works, by Fabrizio Pregadio.

Journal of Daoist Studies, Vol. 5

Submitted by LvKohn on Thu, 01/19/2012 - 17:30
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Three Pines Press is happy to announce that vol. 5 of the Journal of Daoist Studies is now available for purchase on

The website offers a special reduced rate of $22 for the printed book. The book should be ready for shipping by mid-February.

The pdf version will be accessible for download ($15) on in another week.

The full table of contents is copied below.

Thank you for your continued support.

Three Pines Press

JDS 5 (2012)

Jennifer Lundin Ritchie
The Guodian Laozi and Taiyi shengshui: A Cognitive Science Reading 1

Qiu Chuji: A Case Study 丘处机学案

Submitted by LvKohn on Mon, 01/09/2012 - 21:46
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Even since the Daoism studies about Qiu Chuji the Immortal of Quanzhen Daoism began, we have been waiting for someone to bring us a panoramic view on the unresolved issues raised by scholars. With this informative and thought-provoking book by Guo Wu[1], the whole life of Qiu Chuji is manifestly seen and some of those questions are finally answered.


Chinese Medical Qigong

Submitted by Kevin W Chen on Thu, 11/03/2011 - 17:38
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Qigong is one of the most important aspects of traditional Chinese culture and medicine. In recent years, Qigong therapy has attracted more and more attention from modern medicine and science, and is now widely applied in clinical settings to treat illness and promote well-being.

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