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New Questions on the Old Master 2011

Submitted by RostislavFellner on Tue, 09/13/2011 - 03:44
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Our second international symposium "New Questions on the Old Master" will take place in St. John under the Rock (near Prague) in December
28-30, 2011.

The symposium will be dealing with archaeological-historical, philosophical, and religious context of the Laozi text on the one hand, and with the
textual analysis and hermeneutics of chapters 4-9 and the possibilities of its alternative translation on the other.

We welcome submission of abstracts and papers in the four aforementioned areas. The symposium will be held in English and Czech.

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Concerned with recent environmental violations and their uncertain impact upon our health, oceans, food chain, and air quality, we created a 8 day Qigong retreat in response to our current condition living in California. It focuses on detoxification and enhancement of vital energy as a way to strengthen & transform our immune system for adaptation to changes in our environment.

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4th Daoist Qigong Breathing Worshop at the Mandala Retreat Center

The fourth in a series of annual workshops in Daoist Qigong Breathing practice, this follows a tradition that began in Montreal (2008) and continued through Shambala Center & San Diego (2009), and San Diego (2010).

This year’s location is the beautiful Mandala Retreat Center in New Mexico. We will have the entire place to our own during the workshop, so we will enjoy a secluded, peaceful and tranquil retreat life together.

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The 8th international conference on Daoist Studies, in June 2012, is being held in Germany:

Right on the shore of the Ammersee lake, close to the city of Munich, the location offers great facilities, including a bath house on the lake, a boat pier, tennis and volley ball courts, a bowling alley, and lots of green lawns for qigong, taiji quan, and more.

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The first meeting of Wushu enthusiasts, teachers and scholars has been held by the F.I.G.C. (Federazione Italiana Gioco Calcio) [Italian Federation Football Game] centre of Coverciano, Florence (Italy) on 26 September 2010 in the Museo del Calcio (Museum of Footbal).

The meeting has been a wonderful opportunity to share and deepen the knowledge of wushu as taught in Italy and its level as taught in China; its history and religious components.

Participants know there will be room for further meetings.

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(1) A30-216 Saturday 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
Location: Marriott Marquis - L507
World of an Object: The Social and Cosmic Networks of Daoist Material Culture

Women and the Feminine/Yin: Theory, Society, and Practice

Submitted by LvKohn on Mon, 07/05/2010 - 06:03
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Nanyue (Southern Marchmount), Henan

7th International Conference on Daoist Studies -- Nanyue (Changsha), June 24-28, 2011

The seventh in a series of major conferences on Daoist studies and modern application, this follows a tradition that began in Boston (2003) and continued through Mt. Qingcheng (2004), Fraueninsel in Bavaria (2006), Hong Kong (2007), Mt. Wudang (2009), and Los Angeles (2010).

Daoist Temples and Sacred Mountains, June 2011

Submitted by LvKohn on Sat, 05/22/2010 - 00:25
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Daoist Temples and Sacred Mountains

June 9-25, 2011

Join Daoist Studies professors Livia Kohn and Robin Wang on an exciting study tour to rarely explored locations of the Daoist religion. Follow in the footsteps of the ancient sage Laozi's legendary travels and learn about Daoist history, its myths and practices, and its role in Chinese culture. Visit major temples, hike on famous mountains, practice qigong, soak in hot tubs, and enjoy relaxing massages.

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A specialized symposium on Dao De Jing will take place as an independent part of the conference “Education and Sustainable Life”, Prague & St. John under the Rock, Czech Republic, June 22–26, 2010 (details:

UPDATE: due to an additional source of funding it is possible to reduce the conference fee to 150 EUR. The deadline is extended to April 20th, 2010. (Those who have paid the original fee will be reimbursed at the registration).

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Sponsored by entrepreneur Zhu Tieyu, the Chinese Daoist Salon will be launched in March 2010. Meant to promote Daoist studies and teachings and help establish Daoism as a significant contributor to global intellectual and philosophical developments, it is the first in a series of conferences, workshops, meetings, lectures, and debates on Daoist themes.

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