Annotated Bibliography on Buddho-Daoism

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Please see attached for a comprehensive, annotated bibliography of Western studies on the interaction of Daoism and Buddhism. It is arranged by categories, both substantial and chronological.

Taoish - a place for irreverent spirituality

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My new project is a web place for contemplative spirituality as found in the modern West, primarily -- but not limited to -- Daoism and its manifestations in the United States. I'm less focused on traditional religious and self-cultivation practices (which are covered extensively elsewhere) than on arts, music, politics and sports. Where are the modern Butcher Dings? The "deeper" category goes more into Daoist concepts and thought.

I'm very open to other voices, so if you have something to share or publicize that fits this aesthetic, please email me.


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A recent news story on Reuters, headlined Thou Shalt Not Launch IPOs, China tells temples, reports that the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) has issued an injunction against temples listing on the stock exchange. SARA official Liu Wei is reported as staying: Such plans “violate the legitimate rights of religious circles, damage the image…

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A conservation biologist by training, I first arrived in Xishuangbanna because of my interest in the ecological value of sacred groves called “holy hills,” fragments of old-growth rainforest that remain protected by indigenous Dai people despite rapid deforestation due to the proliferation of rubber plantations. The Dai protect holy hills because they believe their gods…

Chinese Medical Qigong

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Qigong is one of the most important aspects of traditional Chinese culture and medicine. In recent years, Qigong therapy has attracted more and more attention from modern medicine and science, and is now widely applied in clinical settings to treat illness and promote well-being.

Daoism's effect on Chan / Zen Buddhism

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Hi there, Everyone:

I am a Theravada Buddhist from Thailand and I was hoping you might be able to tell me what the impact of Daoism is on Buddhism as practiced in the Chan and Zen Schools of China and Japan.

I guess there must be quite a big impact, so if this question is too broad then if you could recommend a resource or two that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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