Introducing Daoism: The eBook

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New, electronic textbook for your classroom.

US$24.15 -- jbeonlinebooks.org

(hardcopy available from Routledge)

Readers might be interested to learn of the recent publication of Introducing Daoism (the ebook edition) by Livia Kohn. Designed with the needs of both students and teachers in mind the book provides a turnkey solution for anyone wishing to offer an introductory course on Taoism. All the resources needed to teach the course are online and ready to go.

The eBook

Daoism: An Introduction

Submitted by Anonymous on Sun, 06/14/2009 - 11:30
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‘Littlejohn organizes his introduction around the central metaphor of a spreading kudzu vine, whose roots, trunk, stalks, branches, and leaves grow beneath, in, around, and over the vast and complex terrain of Chinese culture. He does a marvellous job exploring the origins, developments, and transformations of Daoism by guiding readers through canonical texts, across historical contexts, and around expressions of Daoism in fine art, popular symbols, literature, ritual, and other forms of material culture.

Daoism: A Beginner's Guide

Submitted by James Miller on Wed, 02/18/2009 - 13:23
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Daoism: A Beginner's Guide

Front cover of Daoism: A Beginner's Guide by James Miller [1]


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