2012 the 5th Daoist Qigong Breathing Retreat

Submitted by Jane X. Jin on Wed, 03/07/2012 - 00:09
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4th Daoist Qigong Breathing Worshop at the Mandala Retreat Center

The 5th in a series of annual retreats on Daoist Qigong practices, this follows a tradition that began in Montreal (2008) and continued through Shambala Center & San Diego (2009), San Diego (2010), and New Mexico (2011).

The core practice is the newly introduced revolutionary Breathing Meditation that is rooted from Daoist Yin Yang Tuna(阴阳吐纳法),combined with wind-breathing (风呼吸) and natural abdomen breathing methods to ignite the Dantian fire(丹田点火).

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Concerned with recent environmental violations and their uncertain impact upon our health, oceans, food chain, and air quality, we created a 8 day Qigong retreat in response to our current condition living in California. It focuses on detoxification and enhancement of vital energy as a way to strengthen & transform our immune system for adaptation to changes in our environment.

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