Journal of Daoist Studies

Journal of Daoist Studies 2014

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Three Pines Press is pleased to announce that

Volume 7 of the Journal of Daoist Studies (2014) is now ready for order. The book will ship in early February, when it will also be available as PDF on

US$ 25 plus S & H (content, please see below).

Please go to; Click on “Journal”


Journal of Daoist Studies 6 (2013)

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JOURNAL OF DAOIST STUDIES 6 (2013) is ready for shipping


Galia Dor
The Chinese Gate: A Unique Void for Inner Transformation

Mihwa Choi
Materializing Salvation: A Liturgical Program and Its Agenda

Elmar Oberfrank
Secretly Transmitted Direct Pointers to the Great Elixir

Daniel M. Murray & James Miller
The Daoist Society of Brazil and the Globalization of Orthodox Unity Daoism

Xu Liying

Journal of Daoist Studies, Vol. 5

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Three Pines Press is happy to announce that vol. 5 of the Journal of Daoist Studies is now available for purchase on

The website offers a special reduced rate of $22 for the printed book. The book should be ready for shipping by mid-February.

The pdf version will be accessible for download ($15) on in another week.

The full table of contents is copied below.

Thank you for your continued support.

Three Pines Press

JDS 5 (2012)

Jennifer Lundin Ritchie
The Guodian Laozi and Taiyi shengshui: A Cognitive Science Reading 1

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