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Come join us for a women’s Qigong retreat at a beautiful mountaintop center in New Mexico. Qigong is a simple yet profound Chinese system of self-healing that has been a source for women’s health and longevity for thousands of years. Immerse yourself in ancient Taoist women’s practices, meditation and women’s qigong.

Daoist Immersion, Sept. 11-18, 2010

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Come to a spectacular mountain in New Mexico and explore how living a Daoist life can make a difference in the world today, how Daoism can provide a more appropriate worldview, conceptual structures, and behavioral guidelines that allow us to treat self, society, nature, and the cosmos as one interconnected webwork and thereby bring healing to the people and harmony to the world.

To immerse ourselves in Dao, our day begins with qigong stretches. After breakfast we explore six areas of progressive unfolding: cosmic thinking, mental ease, energetic potency, body awareness, social connection, and being in nature. In each case, we use original sources from key religious scriptures. Lunch follows, and a break period for resting, hiking, or more active practice.

In the afternoon, we experiment with a form of Daoist cultivation: sitting in oblivion, visualization, dietetics, daoyin exercises (breathing, qi-guiding), interpersonal connection, and Feng Shui. Preparing a healthy, whole-foods dinner while applying positive internal energy, we continue our discussion of Daoist worldview and lifestyle choices and as well as of issues of social transformation and global vision, ever more ready to live a Daoist life full of harmony and integration.

Dates: Sept. 11-18, 2010

Location: Bear Mountain Range, Cibola National Forest, south of Albuquerque

Daoist Dietetics: Food for Immortality

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Daoist Dietetics: Food for Immortality
Livia Kohn

An introductory overview of the main characteristics, historical developments, and recipes of the Daoist diet, including a discussion of Chinese medicinal diets,translations of original sources, and recipes (contents below).

February 2010, ISBN 978-1-931483-14-8, US $29.95
Prepublication offer, until 1 March 2010: US $25 from


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