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The 1st International Symposium on Chinese Culture and Religious Concord and 9th Academic Conference in Memory of Master Han-Ching was held near Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan from December 16-19, 2011. Approximately forty scholars from mainland China, Taiwan and overseas gave presentations broadly related to the theme of “Religious Concord” 宗教大同 in plenary and parallel sessions.

Taoist Day 2012

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TAOIST DAY 2012 - Worldwide Celebration: 25 Feb to 20 Mar 2012
Kaohsiung TAIWAN - Guoyang, Anhui CHINA - Caserta ITALY

Bukit Panjang P. O. Box 288, SINGAPORE 916810
Tel: 65-62956112 65-62256113 Fax: 65-62256119
Email: info@taoism.org.sg URL: www.taoism.org.sg

SINGAPORE 'YU HUANG GONG' Temple of Heavenly Jade Emperor 新加坡玉皇宫
150 Telok Ayer Street, SINGAPORE 068608
Tel: 65-62256112 / 62256113 / 62256115 Fax: 65-62256119

Email: info@taoism.org.sg URL: www.taoism.org.sg

mazu: marine ecoregion goddess

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According to tradition, Mazu (Matsu) was a girl who lived in the late tenth century who was renowned for her assistance to seafarers. She was posthumously deified and attracted a wide cult throughout the southern China coastal area in the Ming dynasty. Over the past few centuries she has become one of the most popular…

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