Women and the Feminine/Yin: Theory, Society, and Practice

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Nanyue (Southern Marchmount), Henan

7th International Conference on Daoist Studies -- Nanyue (Changsha), June 24-28, 2011

The seventh in a series of major conferences on Daoist studies and modern application, this follows a tradition that began in Boston (2003) and continued through Mt. Qingcheng (2004), Fraueninsel in Bavaria (2006), Hong Kong (2007), Mt. Wudang (2009), and Los Angeles (2010).

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Come join us for a women’s Qigong retreat at a beautiful mountaintop center in New Mexico. Qigong is a simple yet profound Chinese system of self-healing that has been a source for women’s health and longevity for thousands of years. Immerse yourself in ancient Taoist women’s practices, meditation and women’s qigong.

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