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真誥 37 weeks 2 days ago

This link goes to Daoism and Daoist Studies Submitted by James Miller on Fri, 08/23/2013 - 12:31

Is there another link to the 真誥 text? Thanks.

WESTLICHE TAOISMUS-BIBLIOGRAPHIE (WTB) Western Bibliography of Taoism 2 years 7 weeks ago

It is a wonderful book which can provide rich information for my translation history study. But who can tell me where can i get it. thks a lot.


Annotated Bibliography on Buddho-Daoism 2 years 32 weeks ago

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Daoism and Martial Arts: "Connectivity - Cosmic. Medical, and Martial" 4 years 4 weeks ago


Chinese Physical Sport, Department of Physical Education, Government of China. China WuShu, A Compilation of Articles. 2013

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Lin Vi Sheng, Zhou Quing Jie, Lu Zhao Min. Chuangzi Perspective in Martial Arts Cultivation. (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. 100029 China. China Foreign Affair University, Beijing China 100037. Chinese People Public Security University, Beijing, China 100038 China.) Journal of Xi An Physical Education University. Vol 26 (5), September, 2009.

Qing Shou Hai. Discussion on Martial Art and the Study of Dao. Wudang Discussion, Jiang Su Province, China. 2011 #249.

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Informal Discussion of Zen and Bushido. Jing Fu Ming. Physical Education Department of Shan Dong University, Ji Nan China 250100. 1995.


Review: Reconsidering the Grounds for Buddhist-Christian Dialogic Communication: A Review of John D'Arcy May's "Meaning, Consensus and Dialogue in Buddhist-Christian Communication" 6 years 50 weeks ago

Being a Buddhist woman from Thailand I followed the link, and of course there is only an excerpt that is publicly viewable., which is just the introduction page.

As a Buddhist reading that, I could already tell that possibly, a dialogue could be better built around a simpler foundation. That to most Buddhists, what Buddhism is can be summarized in these two short sentences.

"Do good, receive good. Do bad, receive bad."

It is, in short, The Golden Rule, and I think it is a great start for dialogue.

The Tao of Teaching 7 years 3 weeks ago

This book is officially out of print, but I have few left if anyone's keen to get hold of a copy. I can post you one for £5 inclusive of postage.

Daoist Reactions To Current Energy Crisis 7 years 10 weeks ago

I don't want to blow my own horn, but a number of scholars met to discuss these kinds of issues and came up with the book that I co-edited, entitled Daoism and Ecology (Harvard 2001) . There's an interesting chapter at the end where contemporary practitioners discuss how they see Daoism relating to these questions. For more information on how the Chinese Daoist Association sees these issues you can visit my blog

Daoism in the West: Following Buddhist and Christian Models? 7 years 16 weeks ago

I think the Abstract is a little balled-up. It says:

"The article examines aspects of Daoism in the Western countries and the role of Buddhism and Christianity as religious models. It mentions the effect of Christian principles which include the acceptance of the wisdom of the Bible while discarding old Daoists' theories about how the world operates. It also examines changes on how Daoists operate which influenced by technological innovations like social networking and Western infrastructure."

it might be more accurate if it said the following:

"The article examines aspects of Buddhism and Christianity as religious theory and how that affects the organizational structure of their religious communities. Specifically, it discusses the relationship between Christian authority and scientific truth, and, the basis of Buddhist ecclesiastic authority and personal autonomy. It suggests that religious Daoists learn from the previous mistakes of both Christian and Buddhist communities, and develop a more horizontal, consensus-based internal culture."

I am embarrassed that my writing skills are so bad that someone reading my little essay would so completely misunderstand the points I was trying to make----.

Tai shang gan ying pian 7 years 16 weeks ago

There is a version of this text in simplified characters on the website

Tai shang gan ying pian 7 years 16 weeks ago

How can I see a copy of this text in chinese?

The Huainanzi: A Guide to the Theory and Practice of Government in Early Han China 7 years 19 weeks ago

I'd love to read this book but it is quite expensive. But looking for this book in the Internet I've managed to found one great book An Introduction to Daoist Thought, here is the torrent . I cannot say that it is easy to read but for sure it teaches and relates a lot.

高上玉皇胎息經 7 years 19 weeks ago

Submitted text is actually the similarly titled Gaoshang Yuhuang Xinying jing.

Taoism vs Daoism vs Buddhism vs Confucianism - The Difference Between? 7 years 24 weeks ago

Sorry, I haven't known about this. I think they will allow it.

Taoism vs Daoism vs Buddhism vs Confucianism - The Difference Between? 7 years 24 weeks ago

Sorry, Violet. Since the video comes from an external source they have the right to allow it to be shown and to take it away.

Taoism vs Daoism vs Buddhism vs Confucianism - The Difference Between? 7 years 24 weeks ago

It is a pity this video is not available yet. Its title promises a very interesting video. I've found one more video . Here Buddhism and Daosism are compared. Well, its very interesting to see the comparison of the main points. I don't thin it is important what people wear and what ceremonies they have. It is more important to learn what are the differences in their believes.

To what extent have daoist practices actually influenced martial arts? 7 years 24 weeks ago

Daoist practices interweaven throughout the Chinese culture as do many others as well. That makes it hard to state exactly the how much of the martial art is Daoist influenced. I would have to say to the extent of how Daoist influenced the individual is. Tai Chi, Bagua, Luo Ho Pa Fa, Xing- I, Wing Chun and JKD to name a few.

To what extent have daoist practices actually influenced martial arts? 7 years 25 weeks ago

I am now reading the M. Raposa work titled Meditation and Martial Arts, where there are some interesting points about Taiji, Bagua and the circle-walking method of meditation.
Have you ever read it?

Suggestions 7 years 27 weeks ago

I'm adding your site to the web page I'm putting together for a Religious Studies class at my university ( You're under the Daoism Websites tab.

Since you have image galleries, I was also thinking of putting your site in the Images tab, too, but I don't want to do that unless there is some sort of copyright statement attached to the images. Are the images posted here Creative Commons licensed in some way, or is copyright held by the photographer? What kinds of reuse of the photos is allowed?

Women and the Feminine/Yin: Theory, Society, and Practice 7 years 30 weeks ago

The information about the conference has just been updated.

De weg van Lao-tse 7 years 32 weeks ago

Een nieuwe Nederlandse vertolking van de Tao Te Tjing.

Wushu: Modernity or tradition? Discussion about its state in Italy and abroad 7 years 41 weeks ago

Women and the Feminine/Yin: Theory, Society, and Practice 7 years 42 weeks ago

Hope to see Daoism studies go deeper and wider, such as the hygiene/health/Qigong practices. It might hold the key to human longevity.

Women and the Feminine/Yin: Theory, Society, and Practice 7 years 42 weeks ago

For those who can read Chinese, here is a link to a blog about Daoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine:

The author of the postings there has died in 2002. He had practiced Qigong for many years and studied Taozang for years as well. He's not affiliated with any Daoism institution.

Daoist Charities? 7 years 43 weeks ago

A good dsicussion on Taoist practice is another great resource

Daoist Charities? 7 years 43 weeks ago

you can also try

the handbooks for daoist practice are awesome.

aslo this artice is good on explaing the wrongful practice of dividign taoism ibnto philosophical and religious.