3 questions: Daoist diagrams, Daoism & technology, Correlative thinking

Submitted by Kai Tan on Wed, 11/09/2011 - 13:29
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My name is Kaidie and I am an artist also doing my practice-related PhD, on 'running' (in the physical as well as metaphorical sense) as a smart way to 'run' (navigate, negotiate, govern and play in) our cosmos. I am utilising Daoist ideas (such as wuwei, yangsheng, 'madness' of the wayfarers) as to help me formulate my idea, which is meant to be slightly mad (with our feet on the ground, and head in cloud cuckoo land!) James Miller's introduction (as well as books by Livia Kohn, Norman Girardot, Kristofer Schipper, Kuang-Ming Wu) have been most fabulous in my novice ways thus far!

1) I am keen to learn more about Daoist art, and in particular, Daoist diagrams (or maps, in particular relating the body and environment) - is there any book or article I can read that tells me about the images, in terms of who created them, how they were created, and the philosophies behind the images?

2) Is there any article or book I could read that relates Daoism and technology, in particular the internet?

3) I am also excited about correlative thinking which I have learnt from Miller and am keen to find out more. Would there be something that anyone would recommend?

Clearly, I do not know much at all, and would be very grateful for any assistance. Thank you very much for your guidance!

Yours Sincerely