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Submitted by James Miller on Wed, 12/29/2010 - 15:35
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Welcome to the Daoist Studies website.


When you are logged in you can

  • post notices of new books, conferences, reviews and jobs
  • add items to the bibliography and, by visiting your profile, you can associate yourself with items in the bibliography list
  • view the full profiles of users and communicate with them
  • make postings to the discussion forums
  • view attached PDFs of uploaded files
  • add comments to existing posts

What's on the Website

The main items on the website can all be accessed from the menu bar on the top. Additional options become available depending on whether you are logged in. To create content you must be logged in, and then the relevant menu items will become visible on the right hand menu.

The bibliography contains information on books and articles that are relevant to Daoist Studies.

Of note is the complete index of Chinese and pinyin titles to the Ming Zhengtong Daozang. This index can be searched using the search function on any page, and the first 334 of the titles (so far) have been uploaded in PDF format.

New: The bibliography database now features the 991 titles of the Zangwai Daoshu with links to PDF facsimilies of the texts.

The galleries are a new feature to enable members of the site to upload photographs and other images associated with Daoist Studies. They also contain videos and images relevant to Daoism that are automatically gathered from third party websites such as YouTube or Flickr. Of note is also the American Daoist Cultivation video site, which contains twelve short clips for use in classroom teaching.

Conferences contains details of forthcoming and recent conferences, including the 7th International Daoist Studies Conference on Women in Daoism, to be held on Nanyue (Mt. Heng), Hunan, China. 

The Forums are places where you can post general information on Daoism or Daoist Studies that doesn't fit in the other links.

The Information link contains a short history of Daoism, Livia Kohn's Research Guide to Daoist Studies, and her new guide to Daoist Studies in North America.

The Reviews section contains a wide range of book reviews that were put together by Louis Komjathy for the previous version of this site.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to get in touch.