The Physical Body and the Psychological Body

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Roger Jahnke explains the Daoist body on two levels: the physical and the psychological. Daoism treats both these aspects of the body holistically: the one cannot be separated from the other. Thus the phsyical cultivation practices that comprise a set of Qigong movements lead, over a period of time, to certain emotional and pschological experiences. The cultivation practices that were developed by Daoist monks in the 11th century and onwards place an equal emphasis on body and mind, referring to this as the dual cultivation of inner nature (heart-mind) and life (body). Thus the Daoist body should not be viewed as a purely physical or physiological entity, though it certainly has that aspect to it. The Daoist body simply refers to the totality of energy that constitutes a person, whether that energy takes what we could call a more physical form--breath and blood--or whether it takes a more ethereal form--feelings and spirit. Both are to be understood as aspects of the dynamic energy-system of the body.