Don’t Trample the Grass: Popular Daoism and Ecology in Taiwan

Submitted by James Miller on Tue, 04/20/2010 - 14:20
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TitleDon’t Trample the Grass: Popular Daoism and Ecology in Taiwan
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsJackson, P. A.
Conference NameSixth International Conference on Daoist Studies: Daoism Today: Science, Health, Ecology
Date Published2010/06/02/
KeywordsSixth International Daoist Studies Conference

Daoism, while commingled with Buddhism and folk religious systems, has a vibrant and powerful role in Taiwan. While most Taiwanese see Daoism in Taiwan being inextricably entangled with other forms of religiosity, Daoism nonetheless exerts considerable cultural pressure. Daoism continues to have a say in how Taiwanese people think, speak, and act. Recently, the voice of Daoism is growing with regard to how these people perceive ecology, and how they modify their actions to promote ecological awareness. Inasmuch as “Daoism” can articulate itself in Taiwan and inasmuch as “Daoism” can be found, this paper will present rhetoric and strategies used by Taiwanese Daoist culture to participate in how Taiwanese society engages ecology.