The lived experience of qigong

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TitleThe lived experience of qigong
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsPiper, N. S.
Corporate AuthorsKelly, Lisa L.
Academic DepartmentProQuest Dissertations and Theses
Date Published2012
PublisherSaybrook Graduate School and Research Center
Place PublishedUnited States -- California
ISBN Number9781267675590
Keywords0496:Alternative Medicine, 0566:Health sciences, 0575:Kinesiology, 0647:Spirituality, Consciousness, health, Health and environmental sciences, Meditation, Philosophy, religion and theology, QIGONG, spirituality, wellness

This qualitative study investigated the lived experience of qigong, and the results of the phenomenologically informed analysis resulted in nine comprehensive constituent themes: (a) A deepening awareness of and belief in the healing power of qi; (b) An intense physical sensation of the energy of qi moving through the body, enhancing bodily sensations; (c) The experience of emotional well-being and physical health; (d) Sensing and feeling the qi of others and the qi in the environment; (e) The experience of qi moving the body; (f) Experiencing transpersonal awareness and a connection among the body, mind, and spirit; (g) An integration of mind, body, and spirit that opens one to inner wisdom and facilitates reflection on life's meaning; (h) Increasing proficiency and dedication to practice; and (i) An experience of mental clarity, quiet, and peace. These results highlight the role of qigong in facilitating self-awareness, wisdom, meaning, spiritual connection, well-being, clarity, peace, and health. Keywords: qigong, qi, health, spirituality, religion, consciousness, meditation, wellness.