"Using the Peak of the Five Elders as a Brush": A calligraphic screen by Jung Hyun-bok (1909--1973)

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Title"Using the Peak of the Five Elders as a Brush": A calligraphic screen by Jung Hyun-bok (1909--1973)
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsZhu, H.
Corporate AuthorsLachman, Charles
Academic DepartmentProQuest Dissertations and Theses
Date Published2012
PublisherUniversity of Oregon
Place PublishedUnited States -- Oregon
ISBN Number9781267563958
Keywords0342:Asian Studies, 0377:Art history, An, Jung-geun, China, Classical Chinese poetry, Communication and the arts, Folding screen, Jung, Hyun-bok, Korean calligraphy, SOCIAL sciences

Korean calligraphy went through tremendous changes during the twentieth century, and Jung Hyun-bok (1909-1973), a gifted calligrapher, played an important role in bringing about these changes. This thesis focuses on one of Jung's most mature and refined works, "Using the Peak of the Five Elders as a Brush," owned by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. In addition to translating and explicating the poems on the screen, through a close examination of both the form and content of the work I explore how it reflects Jung's values, intentions, and background. This thesis also addresses the question of why some critics have classified Jung as a professional artist and considers some of the ways in which he actually cultivated and projected an image of himself as a traditional literatus.