The Wiley-Blackwell companion to Chinese religions

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TitleThe Wiley-Blackwell companion to Chinese religions
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsNadeau, R. L., & EBSCOhost
Place PublishedMalden, MA
ISBN Number1444361430, 1405190310, 9781444361438, 9781405190312
KeywordsBeliefs, China, Eastern, Religion, Religion &amp

Comprising the most up-to-date, interdisciplinary research on the study of Chinese religious beliefs and cultural practices, this volume explores the rich and complex religious and philosophical traditions that have developed and flourished in one of the world's oldest civilizations.Covers the main Chinese traditions of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism as well as Christianity and IslamFeatures a unique organizational structure, with groups of readings focused on historical, traditions-based, and topical elements of Chinese religionExplores a number of contemporary religious topics, including gender, nature, asceticism, material culture, and gods and spiritsBrings together a team of authors who are experts in their sub-fields, providing readers with the latest research in a rapidly growing discipline