Journal of Daoist Studies 6 (2013)

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Galia Dor
The Chinese Gate: A Unique Void for Inner Transformation

Mihwa Choi
Materializing Salvation: A Liturgical Program and Its Agenda

Elmar Oberfrank
Secretly Transmitted Direct Pointers to the Great Elixir

Daniel M. Murray & James Miller
The Daoist Society of Brazil and the Globalization of Orthodox Unity Daoism

Xu Liying
Daoist Temples in Modern City Life: The Singapore City God Temple

Forum on Contemporary Practice

Sharon Small
New Visions of the Zhuangzi

Michael M. Tophoff
Daoist Principles in the Martial Arts: Their Relevance for Illness Prevention

Adam D. Frank
Enacting a Daoist Aesthetic through Taiji quan Training

Gerhard Milbrat & Knut Gollenbeck
Master Li Jiacheng and the New Ways of Internal Alchemy

Steve Jackowicz
Om Mani Padme Hum in Daoist Revision

Jeanne White
Flowing in Life with the Yijing

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