Cultivating the Tao: Taoism and Internal Alchemy, by Liu Yiming (1734–1821)

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This book contains a complete translation of one of the main works by the eminent Taoist master Liu Yiming (1734-1821). Divided into 26 short chapters and translated here for the first time, Cultivating the Tao is at the same time a comprehensive overview of the basic principles of Taoism and an introduction to Taoist Internal Alchemy, or Neidan, written by one of the greatest representatives of this tradition.

Cultivating the Tao: Taoism and Internal AlchemyLiu Yiming was an 11th-generation master of the Longmen (Dragon Gate) lineage. Having recovered from severe illness in his youth, he undertook extended traveling that led him to meet his two main masters. In 1780, he visited the Qiyun mountains, in the present-day Gansu province, and settled there. He devoted the second half of his life to teaching and writing. His works mainly consist of writings on Neidan and of commentaries on major Neidan scriptures.

Liu Yiming grafts Internal Alchemy into the teachings of the Daode jing (Book of the Way and Its Virtue) and of the later Taoist tradition. Few other masters have illustrated the relation between Taoism and Internal Alchemy as clearly as he does in this book.

Original title: Liu Yiming 劉一明, Xiuzhen houbian 修真後辨


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Cultivating the Tao: Taoism and Internal Alchemy

By Liu Yiming (1734–1821)

Translated with Introduction and Notes by Fabrizio Pregadio

180 pp., Golden Elixir Press, 2013

ISBN 978-0-9855475-1-6

Paperback, US$ 17.95 • € 13.95 • GBP 11.95


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