Journal of Daoist Studies 2014

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Three Pines Press is pleased to announce that

Volume 7 of the Journal of Daoist Studies (2014) is now ready for order. The book will ship in early February, when it will also be available as PDF on

US$ 25 plus S & H (content, please see below).

Please go to; Click on “Journal”




Paul D’Ambrosio                 Blending Dao: An Analysis of Images in the Daode jing      

Thomas E. Smith                    The Many Faces of Master Redpine                                      

David Boyd                           The “Other” Dao in Town: Early Lingbao Polemics on Shangqing           

Paul Crowe                          Dao Learning and the Golden Elixir: Shared Paths to Perfection           

P. G. G. van Enckevort        The Three Treasures: An Enquiry into the Writings of Wu  Shouyang   


Forum on Contemporary Practice

Eske Møllgaard                  Sage-Knowledge and Equality in the Zhuangzi           

E. Leslie Williams                Becoming One with the Dao: Meditation in Daode jing and Dōgen         

Kenneth Cohen                    Spirit and Life in Balance: Zhao Bizhen’s Lasting Influence on Qigong and the Martial Arts

Ju Keyi & Lü Xianlong        Tiandi jiao: The Daoist Connection        

Christopher Cott                 Interviewing Daoist Masters: A Reality Check

Martin Schönfeld               Laozi and the New Green Paradigm                                                            


News of the Field                                                  



Zhuangzi: Text and Context is now ready for PDF download at ($15)