"Remaking Tradition in a World in Motion": Towards a Theory of Globalization and Religious Modernity

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Title"Remaking Tradition in a World in Motion": Towards a Theory of Globalization and Religious Modernity
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsDeBernardi, J.
JournalFudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences
Pagination108 - 125
Date Published2009
PublisherFudan University, Shanghai, China
ISBN Number1674-0750, 1674-0750
Keywords*Economic Development, *Globalization, *Modernity, *Peoples Republic of China, *Religions, *Telecommunications, 9241: politics and religion; politics and religion, article, cosmopolitanism, Daoism, Fujian Diaspora, Modernity, regional culture, religion and globalization

In this paper, I seek to develop a framework within which to investigate the place of religious traditions in modern, global society. Economic & political modernity -- globalization, the nation-state, & the development of global networks & organizations -- establish widely-shared frames in which religions have been transformed. In particular, the development of global capitalism has provided unprecedented financial means & technologies of communication to religious leaders. I propose that local religious culture must be considered in light of these new organizational forms, networks, & practices. I take as my starting point a single location in China, the Daoist temple complex at Wudang Mountain, & the associated practices & activities of the Wudang Daoists. I consider how Wudang Daoism fits into four projects & two fields of practice. The four projects are cosmopolitan, civilizational, national & religious; the fields, of practice are regional & diasporic. Adapted from the source document.