Deconstruction and the ethical in Asian thought

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TitleDeconstruction and the ethical in Asian thought
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsWang, Y.
Date Published2007
ISBN Number0415770165
KeywordsAnthropology, Asia, Asian Studies, Buddhism, Daoism, Deconstruction, Ethics, Philosophy, Religion

The striking parallels between Derrida's deconstruction and certain strategies eschewing oppositional hierarchies in Asian thought, especially in Buddhism and Daoism, have attracted much attention from scholars of both Western and Asian philosophy. This book contributes to this discussion by focusing on the ethical dimension and function of deconstruction in Asian thought. Examining different traditions and schools of Asian thought, including Indian Buddhism, Zen, other schools of East Asian Buddhism, the Kyoto School, and Daoism, the contributors explore the central theme from different contexts and different angles. Insights and notions from the contemporary discussion of Derridean deconstruction and its ethic or Derridean-Levinasian ethic as a paradigm for comparison or interpretation are used as a framework. Furthering our understanding of the relationship between deconstruction and the ethical in Asian traditions, this book also enriches the contemporary ethical discourse from a global perspective by bridging Asia and the West. Summary reprinted by permission of Routledge