International Workshop on Daoist-Christian Dialogue and Comparative Scripture

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Organized by Minzu University of China, Beijing 

May 9-10, 2015

Brief Introduction

Scriptures play important roles in both Daoism and Christianity. Both religions have their respective ways of shaping, reading, translating and interpreting their scriptures. Are there significant convergences and divergences in their hermeneutical traditions? What can and should be the roles of scriptures in the dialogue between them? Can comparative and cross reading of the scriptures contribute to the mutual understanding between Daoism and Christianity? How Christians may interpret the Daoist central concepts or scriptures? How Daoism may interpret the Christian Bible?  Can Daoism and Christianity learn from each other on their respective understanding of the scriptures? Are there some common themes in the Daoist Daozang and the Christian Bible serving as focus for fruitful dialogue between the two religious traditions? This workshop aims to make contribution to the comparative study of scriptures and to enhance the mutual understanding between Chinese religions and Christianity through addressing these issues.

Main Themes

Papers may address one of the following themes:

  • Daoist interpretation of Christian texts
  • Christian interpretation of Daoist texts
  • Daoism ways of forming, reading, interpreting and translating Daozang
  • Christian ways of reading, interpreting and translating the Bible 
  • Comparative Study of individual texts from the Daoist and Christian canons
  • Methodology of Comparative Study of the Scriptures
  • Methodology of Interreligious dialogue


Minzu University of China, Beijing, China.


May 9-10, 2015 (with arrival on May 8 and depart on May 11, 2015) 

You are most welcome to join the workshop and send your reply or enquiry to Dr. You Bin at email:, please also cc your reply to Mr. Pan Shaoduo at email:


  • Please send your reply, together with the title of your paper and personal information (including your official title, institutional affiliation, phone number, email address, and postal address) by November 30, 2014 to You Bin at email:, please also cc it to Mr. Pan Shaoduo at email:
  • The conference organizer at Minzu University of China will then send the invitation letter to you probably in January 2015.
  • Your full paper should reach Dr. You Bin at email:, and cc it Mr. Pan Shaoduo at email:, by the end of April 2015.    

Traveling and Accommodation

Free accommodation during the conference period will be provided to the paper presenters. Limited fund for traveling expenses to and from Beijing would be available upon request.

Post-conference Publication

Papers presented at the workshop will be selected for publication by the conference organizer as articles in Journal of Comparative Scripture 比較經學, a newly established bilingual journal published by Minzu University of China, Beijing. For this purpose, participants are expected to assign copyright of the presented papers to the conference organizer.