Question on Mengzi and 真人

Submitted by Lonny Jarrett on Sun, 02/01/2015 - 16:51
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Hello Friends, I know this is a question on a Confucian text but I have no similar resource and the area of interest is significantly overlapping. Any insight is appreciated! And thank you in advance.-Lonny Jarrett

 In Mengzi (71: Chinese text project) we are given a hierarchy on the cultivation of goodness (善) all the way through divinity (神). At the end of this discourse Mengzi informs us that the fellow Yuezhengzi 樂正子 has cultivate himself between the 2nd and 3rd level: 

(2) He whose goodness is part of himself is what is called real man. (3) He whose goodness has been filled up is what is called beautiful man.


The name Yuezhengzi is interesting to me in that it designates yue-Music/Joy and Zheng- The virtue of being "upright" 正 yet also denoting "traveling from one shore to the next without stopping half way." I would expect him to have not stopped at the 2nd rank!


Is Yuezhenzi a historic figure beyond his mention in Mengzi? Is the name a metaphor combining music and joy and placing it in this hierarchy deliberately for some reason?



Any thoughts?

Thank you again.....Lonny