Question on Mengzi and 真人

Submitted by Lonny Jarrett on Sun, 02/01/2015 - 16:51
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Hello Friends, I know this is a question on a Confucian text but I have no similar resource and the area of interest is significantly overlapping. Any insight is appreciated! And thank you in advance.-Lonny Jarrett

 In Mengzi (71: Chinese text project) we are given a hierarchy on the cultivation of goodness (善) all the way through divinity (神). At the end of this discourse Mengzi informs us that the fellow Yuezhengzi 樂正子 has cultivate himself between the 2nd and 3rd level: 

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The monumental task that China faces in the 21st century is to create a way of development that does not destroy the ecological foundations for the life and livelihood of its 1.4 billion citizens. This requires a creative leap beyond the Enlightenment mentality and the Western model of industrialization. Can China’s cultural traditions, its religious…

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The following article was first published in Religion Dispatches on December 15, 2014. In last week’s column here on Religion Dispatches, Ivan Strenski argued strongly against American Academy of Religion President Laurie Zoloth’s call for religious studies to be “interrupted” by a focus on climate change, writing that “asking a religious studies professor to do something about climate change is…

china doesn’t have an “environmental” problem

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China doesn’t have an “environmental“ problem. The language of “environment” continues the false notion that nature constitutes an objective reality extrinsic to human subjectivity, accessible through science, transformable through engineering. This paradigm gives us the sense that the environment is something outside us that we can save or preserve through science and technology or other…

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