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Username Surname Country City Institution Datesort icon
Johntnix2's picture
John Tydings Nix III, John Tydings Nix II USA Ashland Taoist House of Worship on Cubs Lane 1 year ago
Juan Manuel Ote...
Juan Manuel Otero Barrigón's picture
Juan Manuel Otero Barrigon, Juan Manuel Otero Barrigon Argentina Capital Federal Universidad del Salvador 2 years ago
Fahasoavana's picture
JAOMANORO, VENANT MADAGASCAR Antananarivo University of Antananarivo 3 years ago
joe0215's picture
joe, whelton USA sarasota scs 4 years ago
gjell's picture
Jelley, Graham United States Providence Graham Jelley, Ph.D 4 years ago
Jochim's picture
Jochim, Christian USA San Jose San Jose State University 4 years ago
John Varan
John Varan's picture
John, Varan USA Cedar Park Hidden Dragon Martial Arts 5 years ago
Ian Johnston
Ian Johnston's picture
Johnston, Ian Australia Sandy Bay Ian Johnston 5 years ago
jjhanda's picture
Jhanda, Jen USA Emeryville National Holistic Institute 5 years ago
Swish's picture
Jones, Tank USA Detroit y.e.i 6 years ago
grissetteconway's picture
james grissette, james grissette U.S.A conway hgtc 6 years ago
Jane X. Jin
Jane X. Jin's picture
Jin, X. Jane Canada Toronto Abundant Life Qigong Intelligence Center 7 years ago
kunlun's picture
johnson, peter England - United Kingdom Brighton sussex university 7 years ago
tyler_9110's picture
John, Smith USA Elmhurst Elmhurst College 7 years ago
Lonny Jarrett
Lonny Jarrett's picture
Jarrett, Lonny USA/Canada All over Continuing Education Faculty Many Schools 7 years ago
Barhanna's picture
Johnson, Dale China Yongchuan Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences 7 years ago
abandonni's picture
Jordan, Donni USA Titusville Royal Palms 8 years ago
Jan Andrew
Jan Andrew's picture
Jan, Andrew Australia Fremantle Notre Dame 8 years ago
pronjay's picture
Jones, Peter England Bristol University of the West of England 8 years ago
qweerth's picture
Jim, Green China PRC Beijing BFSU 8 years ago
Gu Shen Yu
Gu Shen Yu's picture
Jacob Newell, Gu Shen Yu USA Healdsburg Old Oak School of Dao 8 years ago
nutrarat's picture
Jones, Risa United States Tampa University of South Florida Philosophy Department 8 years ago
Tashi's picture
James, Tashi Australia Sydney University of Sydney 8 years ago
mrs.jones's picture
Jones, jessieca Germany Munich Ludwig Maximilian University 8 years ago
nerci6us's picture
Jovic, Vladimir Serbia Belgrade Filozofski fakultet Beograd 8 years ago
lucie Jay
lucie Jay's picture
jay, lucie U.S fremont kung fu tai chi magazine 8 years ago
loadbearer's picture
Jai, Sifu USA, China New York, Woodstock, South New Berlin, Unity, Kowloon, Luoyang 9 years ago
sanmi's picture
jinhua, jinhua jinhua jinhua sanmi 9 years ago
mstanyajane's picture
Jane, Tanya United States of America Los Angeles Loyola Marymount University 9 years ago
ian johnson
ian johnson's picture
Johnson, Ian china beijing not affiliated 9 years ago
joanthan olcott
joanthan olcott's picture
joanthan, olcott usa fullerton 9 years ago
Johansen Alyssa
Johansen Alyssa's picture
Johansen, Alyssa United States Indianapolis Park Tudor Highschool 9 years ago
jack mook
jack mook's picture
jack, mook malaysia tmn universiti graphics art 9 years ago
javillonar jang
javillonar jang's picture
javillonar, jang ab 9 years ago
Jones Philip Ward
Jones Philip Ward's picture
Jones, Philip Ward 9 years ago
Jiang Men ma
Jiang Men ma's picture
Jiang, Men-ma P.R. China Ningbo City Ningbo Radio & TV University (Open University) 9 years ago
Jones Jones
Jones Jones's picture
Jones, Jones U.S.A. University of Glasgow (PhD student) 9 years ago
Jones Peter
Jones Peter's picture
Jones, Peter United States Boston none 9 years ago
jacob baird daylight
jacob baird daylight's picture
jacob baird, daylight 9 years ago
Jon Lower
Jon Lower's picture
Jon, Lower USA 9 years ago
Johnson Jerry Alan
Johnson Jerry Alan's picture
Johnson, Jerry Alan U.S.A. Pacific Grove Tian Yun Gong Zheng Yi Daoist Temple 9 years ago
Janousch Andreas
Janousch Andreas's picture
Janousch, Andreas Spain Madrid Universidad Aut__noma de Madrid 9 years ago
JIANG HAINU's picture
JIANG, HAINU China nanjing NANJING UNIVERSITY 9 years ago
Johnson Frank
Johnson Frank's picture
Johnson, Frank USA Philadelphia Villanova University 9 years ago
Johnson Mark
Johnson Mark's picture
Johnson, Mark USA Mill Valley Daoist Association of America 9 years ago
Janson Jorge
Janson Jorge's picture
Janson, Jorge Argentina Buenos Aires Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires 9 years ago
Jiang Sheng
Jiang Sheng's picture
Jiang, Sheng P.R.China Ji'nan Shandong University, PRC 9 years ago
Jose Lecuna
Jose Lecuna's picture
Jose, Lecuna Venezuela Maracay Tien Tao Institute 9 years ago
Roger Jahnke OMD
Roger Jahnke OMD's picture
Jahnke, Roger USA Santa Barbara Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC) - Training and Research 9 years ago