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Username Surname Country City Institution Datesort icon
django's picture
Runyan, Django USA San Jose San Jose State University 1 year ago
Ann Roddy
Ann Roddy's picture
Roddy, Ann U.S. Boulder University Of Colorado Boulder 1 year ago
g.rosser's picture
Rosser, Greg independent researcher independent researcher independent researcher 1 year ago
RinaldiniMichael's picture
Rinaldini, Michael USA Sebastopol Qigong & Daoist Training Center 4 years ago
Jrroisman's picture
Roisman, Jonathan United States San Jose San Jose State University 5 years ago
Ingrid UR
Ingrid UR's picture
Renard, Ingrid France Paris EPHE Paris 5 years ago
orizen's picture
Rifkin, Chris usa Riverside Uriza 5 years ago
jonny's picture
Riemer, Jonny UK Salford University of Salford 5 years ago
riin's picture
Rohtla, Riin Estonia Tallinn Tallinn University 5 years ago
木兎火龍's picture
Rob, F. Canada Montréal McGill University 6 years ago
acridir's picture
ridir, ac China HuaiHua HuaiHua TCM Medical College 6 years ago
Hay Arruda
Hay Arruda's picture
Raymundo Paula de Arruda, An Hai Bao Brasil Niteroi Escola Tao Te Tang 6 years ago
Kingficher's picture
Rosen, Monte USA Jackson Jackson Hole Center for the Arts 6 years ago
laresnick's picture
Resnick, Laura USA New York Barnard College 7 years ago
Soaring Eagle
Soaring Eagle's picture
Ranada, Royce USA Redding Retrozone 7 years ago
Norman Harry Ro...
Norman Harry Rothschild's picture
Rothschild, Norman USA Jacksonville University of North Florida 7 years ago
mosh359's picture
Reilly, Robert USA Akron QuantumKaosInc. 7 years ago
gregripley's picture
Ripley, Gregory USA, Roseville American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine 8 years ago
ZachRice's picture
Rice, Zachary USA Kamuela Tradition Chinese Medical College of Hawaii 8 years ago
Dr. med. Ingrid...
Dr. med. Ingrid Reuther's picture
Reuther, Ingrid Germany Bonn Medizinische Gesellschaft für Qigong Yangsheng, e.V., Bonn 8 years ago
Royce's picture
Ranada, Royce Anthony USA Redding Retrozone 8 years ago
Dewaine Rester
Dewaine Rester's picture
Rester, Rester USA Tallahassee Family Mixed Martial Arts Center 8 years ago
yves robert
yves robert's picture
robert, yves france Paris Bibliotheque nationale de France 8 years ago
adividya's picture
Rosenbush, Eric USA Berkeley IATTM USA 8 years ago
Röllicke Herman...
Röllicke Hermann-Josef's picture
Röllicke, Hermann-Josef Germany Düsseldorf EKO-Haus der Japanischen Kultur e.V., Düsseldorf 8 years ago
Robinson Yolanda
Robinson Yolanda's picture
Robinson, Yolanda USA Los Angeles Philosophical Research Society 8 years ago
Rossington Carol
Rossington Carol's picture
Rossington, Carol Lindsay Spain Torrevieja Esquela de Kung Fu Apolo 8 years ago
Dana Roberts
Dana Roberts's picture
Roberts, Dana Canada Vancouver Vancouver Coastal Health 8 years ago
sanfengclub's picture
Ris, Kris Romania Craiova Sanfeng Club 8 years ago
jrobson's picture
Robson, James USA Cambridge Harvard University 9 years ago
Rubbos's picture
Rubbo, Donald & Cheryl Lynne USA San Rafael Paul D. Pickens II Research Foundation 9 years ago
keshalev's picture
ross, kesha usa charlotte orthocarolina 9 years ago
jerf's picture
kuifie's picture
Rainer, Neha South Africa cape town Private 9 years ago
Sacnoth's picture
Raymond, Dale USA Berkeley Maybeck HS 9 years ago
emrys's picture
Rothstein, Joseph USA Asheville Daoist Traditions 9 years ago
Reyes Juvy
Reyes Juvy's picture
Reyes, Juvy NDMU 9 years ago
Romanchuk Aleksey
Romanchuk Aleksey's picture
Romanchuk, Aleksey Moldova Kishinev \\ 9 years ago
River Greg
River Greg's picture
River, Greg Australia Sydney Northern Complementary Health 9 years ago
Ritter Jacob
Ritter Jacob's picture
Ritter, Jacob Graduate of Goddard College 9 years ago
Rice Richard
Rice Richard's picture
Rice, Richard USA Westville 9 years ago
rasmussen marti...
rasmussen martin lund's picture
rasmussen, martin lund 9 years ago
Rodriguez Chris
Rodriguez Chris's picture
Rodriguez, Chris United States of America Marlton N/A yet 9 years ago
Reed Carrie
Reed Carrie's picture
Reed, Carrie USA Middlebury Middlebury College 9 years ago
rathel mataji Adalia
rathel mataji Adalia's picture
rathel, mataji/ Adalia new hanover wilmington miller-motte technical college 9 years ago
Rubio Jorge
Rubio Jorge's picture
Rubio, Jorge United States Honolulu Pacific Prospective Services 9 years ago
raghavagps's picture
Raghava, Gajendra INDIA Chandigarh Institute of Microbial Technology 9 years ago
Redaelli Giuseppe
Redaelli Giuseppe's picture
Redaelli, Giuseppe ITALY Cassago Brianza Associazione Culturale Sant\\'Agostino 9 years ago
Rogers Brendan
Rogers Brendan's picture
Rogers, Brendan USA Jacksonville Tao College 9 years ago
Reid Tony
Reid Tony's picture
Reid, Tony Australia Leichardt Sydney Institute of Traditinal Chinese Medicine 9 years ago