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taobonbon's picture
Singer, Georges Canada Montreal University of Quebec in Montreal 1 year ago
Barry Strugatz
Barry Strugatz's picture
Strugatz, Barry USA Brooklyn National Story Company 1 year ago
Ashley South
Ashley South's picture
South, Ashley Thailand Chiang Mai Chiang Mai University 1 year ago
sqd111's picture
smith, kelvin china beijing peking university 2 years ago
RSchneider's picture
Schneider, Roman Russia Moscow MGSU 2 years ago
anoushj's picture
Sansom, Anoush Jay Australia Armidale University of New England 2 years ago
Pawena Sirimangkala
Pawena Sirimangkala's picture
SIRIMANGKALA, PAWENA USA Miami Barry University 2 years ago
Taro54's picture
Scheurer, Wolfgang Germany Mannheim Tai Chi Chuan in Mannheim und Umgebung 2 years ago
Elise Strongin
Elise Strongin's picture
Strongin, Elise USA Harrisonburg James Madison University 3 years ago
azyland's picture
shan, kun china shanghai jizi zhengyi of daoist studies center 3 years ago
William Sidharta
William Sidharta's picture
Sidharta, William Indonesia Jakarta Atlasat Solusindo 3 years ago
delicateflower's picture
scott, christina jo united states chandler Christy Cole 4 years ago
Walther4466's picture
Sell, Walther China Shanghai Fellowship of Friends 4 years ago
Parag's picture
Samel, Parag India Thane YES Healing Therapy 4 years ago
ssaul's picture
Serna, Saul South Korea Chuncheon-si Kangwon National University 4 years ago
Alexstudent12's picture
Samsonite, sam United States of America Tampa University of South Florida 5 years ago
Jia Senghe
Jia Senghe's picture
Senghe, Jia USA Chicago Zen Shamanic Arts 5 years ago
Tom Suchan
Tom Suchan's picture
Suchan, Tom USA Ypsilanti Eastern Michigan University 5 years ago
dojustly's picture
Scaffa, Justin USA Austin University of Texas 5 years ago's picture
St.George, Oliver USA Eugene University of Oregon 5 years ago
romup7's picture
Sabon, Romain France Paris Yang Taiji Wuyi Paris 5 years ago
bony's picture
Schachter, Bony China PRC shanghai Fudan University 5 years ago
hilkant's picture
shang, zhikong china beijing peking university 5 years ago
TaoMonkeyMind's picture
Skinner, Josh United States of America Greenville Greenville Tao Society 6 years ago
Ralphcll8's picture
stu268, hij717 cn uvw623 opq877 6 years ago
Chuck Sullivan
Chuck Sullivan's picture
Sullivan, Chuck U.S.A Memphis Sullivan Acupuncture 6 years ago
chadoshihan's picture
Staufenbiel, Gerhardt Germany Igensdorf Myoshinan Chadojo 6 years ago
prince monkey
prince monkey's picture
Smith, John America Atlanta ATT 6 years ago
John_Studley's picture
Studley, John UK London JSA 6 years ago
TeemuQi's picture
Suuntamaa, Teemu Finland Helsinki University of Helsinki 6 years ago
Mark Saltveit
Mark Saltveit's picture
Saltveit, Mark USA Portland Taoish - a place for irreverent spirituality 7 years ago
John Stubbs
John Stubbs's picture
Stubbs, John Canada Castleton None 7 years ago
Jarek Szymanski
Jarek Szymanski's picture
Szymanski, Jarek China PRC Shanghai Self-employed 7 years ago
WSanders's picture
Sanders, Will USA charlottesville University of Virginia 7 years ago
raymondsigrist's picture
Sigrist, Raymond USA Fairfax none 7 years ago
Santorini Alberto
Santorini Alberto's picture
Santorini Alberto, Santorini Alberto India Pondicherry Institut Francais de Pondichery 7 years ago
taoistpath's picture
Shojai, Pedram USA Newport Beach Taoist Path School of Alchemy 7 years ago
lucoolbreeze's picture
Shu, Wo Ping United States Dobbs Ferry Mercy College 7 years ago
Jolanda's picture
Stellingwerff, Jolanda USA Sebastopol American Dragon Gate Lineage 7 years ago
StrangePD's picture
Strange, Peter United Kingdom London Chisense 8 years ago
pilpip's picture
sutherland, phil UK hampton heavenmountain 8 years ago
Sandra Ybarra
Sandra Ybarra's picture
Sandra, Ybarra USA Virginia Beach Delta Education 8 years ago
Daoboy Bob
Daoboy Bob's picture
Sikora, Dr. Bob USA Fort Worth Heavenly Palace of Health and Longevity 8 years ago
Su Weilang
Su Weilang's picture
Schulz, Wieland Germany Leipzig Institute of East Asian Studies, Leipzig University 8 years ago
dtshelton's picture
Shelton, Daniel United States Goleta University of California, Santa Barbara 8 years ago
ssysmall's picture
small, sharon Israel tel aviv Tel Aviv University 8 years ago
shiftenter's picture
sun, jiabao china Beijing SARA 8 years ago
qs717's picture
su, chaowei Taiwan (R.O.C.) Taichung Tunghai University 8 years ago
wtsheh's picture
Sheh, Wai Ting Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore 8 years ago
Haeeun Shin
Haeeun Shin's picture
Shin, Haeeun Canada Quebec Laval University 8 years ago