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Username Surname Country City Institution Datesort icon
James Miller
James Miller's picture
Miller, James Canada Kingston Queen's University 9 years ago
LvKohn's picture
Kohn, Livia USA St. Petersburg Three Pines Press 9 years ago
Komjathy's picture
Komjathy, Louis USA San Diego University of San Diego 9 years ago
Kleeman Terry
Kleeman Terry's picture
Kleeman, Terry USA Boulder University of Colorado 9 years ago
Nickerson Peter
Nickerson Peter's picture
Nickerson, Peter U.S.A. Durham Duke University 9 years ago
DESPEUX Catherine
DESPEUX Catherine's picture
DESPEUX, Catherine France Ville d'Avray INALCO 9 years ago
Yao Tao chung
Yao Tao chung's picture
Yao, Tao-chung USA Honolulu University of Hawaii 9 years ago
Chen Xia
Chen Xia's picture
Chen, Xia P.R.China Chengdu Sichuan University 9 years ago
Csikszentmihalyi Mark's picture
Csikszentmihalyi, Mark USA Madison University of Wisconsin-Madison 9 years ago
Field Stephen
Field Stephen's picture
Field, Stephen U.S.A. San Antonio Trinity University 9 years ago
Liu Xiaogan
Liu Xiaogan's picture
Liu, Xiaogan Hong Kong Shatin Chinese University of Hong Kong 9 years ago
Chan Alan K L
Chan Alan K L's picture
Chan, Alan K.L. Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore 9 years ago
Andersen Poul
Andersen Poul's picture
Andersen, Poul U.S.A. Honolulu University of Hawaii at Manoa 9 years ago
ying shan
ying shan's picture
ying, shan USA Campbell Orthodox Daoism in America 9 years ago
NIKAIDO Yoshihiro
NIKAIDO Yoshihiro's picture
NIKAIDO, Yoshihiro Japan Suita-city Kansai University 9 years ago
gthursby's picture
Thursby, Gene USA Gainesville University of Florida 9 years ago
Espesset Gregoire
Espesset Gregoire's picture
Espesset, Grégoire France Paris Centre de recherche sur les civilisations de l'Asie orientale 9 years ago
TSUCHIYA, MASAAKI Japan Kawasaki SENSHU University 9 years ago
Penny Benjamin
Penny Benjamin's picture
Penny, Benjamin Australia Canberra Australian National University 9 years ago
Thacker Todd
Thacker Todd's picture
Thacker, Todd South Korea Pusan Pusan National University 9 years ago
Baldrian Farzeen
Baldrian Farzeen's picture
Baldrian, Farzeen Germany Korntal 9 years ago
Su Jui lung
Su Jui lung's picture
Su, Jui-lung Singapore Singapore National University of Singapore 9 years ago
Linhares Barste...
Linhares Barsted Dennis's picture
Linhares Barsted, Dennis Brazil Rio de Janeiro, RJ Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro 9 years ago
Alberts Eli
Alberts Eli's picture
Alberts, Eli Taiwan Taipei University of Pennsylvania 9 years ago
ter Haar Barend
ter Haar Barend's picture
ter Haar, Barend the Netherlands Leiden Leiden University 9 years ago
Hideto Nomura
Hideto Nomura's picture
Hideto, Nomura Japan Taito-ku Toyo Univ. 9 years ago
wang rosemary
wang rosemary's picture
wang, rosemary china shanghai shanghai jiaotong university 9 years ago
mugitani kunio
mugitani kunio's picture
mugitani, kunio japan kyoto institute for research in humanities 9 years ago
Zhao Yi
Zhao Yi's picture
Zhao, Yi P.R.China Nanjing Institute of Chinese Classics, Nanjing University 9 years ago
Tiquia Rey
Tiquia Rey's picture
Tiquia, Rey Australia ivanhoe University of Melbourne 9 years ago
Lavarini Diana
Lavarini Diana's picture
Lavarini, Diana Italy Verona Venice University 9 years ago
Scott P Phillips
Scott P Phillips's picture
Phillips, Scott P. USA Boulder Independent Scholar 9 years ago
Towler Solala
Towler Solala's picture
Towler, Solala USA Eugene Abode of the Eternal Tao 9 years ago
richeyj's picture
Richey, Jeffrey L. USA Berea Berea College 9 years ago
Jeffrey Dippmann
Jeffrey Dippmann's picture
Dippmann, Jeffrey USA Ellensburg Central Washington University 9 years ago
Covalt Ann
Covalt Ann's picture
Covalt, Ann USA Bloomfield Pacific College of Oriental Medicine 9 years ago
Roger Jahnke OMD
Roger Jahnke OMD's picture
Jahnke, Roger USA Santa Barbara Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi (IIQTC) - Training and Research 9 years ago
Maruki Yasutaka
Maruki Yasutaka's picture
Maruki, Yasutaka U.S.A. Storrs University of Connecticut 9 years ago
goulde's picture
Goulde, John U.S.A. Sweet Briar Sweet Briar College 9 years ago
jaadler's picture
Adler, Joseph USA Gambier Kenyon College 9 years ago
Shinyichao's picture
Chao, Shin-yi Canada Vancouver UBC 9 years ago
Vittinghoff Helmolt
Vittinghoff Helmolt's picture
Vittinghoff, Helmolt Germany Cologne Cologne University 9 years ago
Larochelle Dominic
Larochelle Dominic's picture
Larochelle, Dominic CANADA Quebec City Laval University 9 years ago
Copp Paul
Copp Paul's picture
Copp, Paul USA Chicago University of Chicago 9 years ago
DuBois Thomas
DuBois Thomas's picture
DuBois, Thomas USA St. Louis Washington University in St. Louis 9 years ago
Benn James
Benn James's picture
Benn, James Canada Hamilton McMaster University 9 years ago
Hood Brenda
Hood Brenda's picture
Hood, Brenda China Beijing Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 9 years ago
Scerboi's picture
Marshall Alison R
Marshall Alison R's picture
Marshall, Alison R. Canada Brandon Brandon University 9 years ago
Wan C K Maggie
Wan C K Maggie's picture
Wan, C.K. Maggie United Kingdom London University of Oxford 9 years ago