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Username Surname Countrysort icon City Institution Date
Brackenridge's picture
Brackenridge, Scot USA Madison University of Wisconsin-Madison 8 years ago
urichen's picture
chen, kenneth usa Kingston U of Rhode Island 8 years ago
Jim Kemp
Jim Kemp's picture
Kemp, James USA Yulle Florida Sate College at Jacksonville 8 years ago
ntnewelljr's picture
Newell, Norman USA Tempe Arizona State University 8 years ago
no1rightway's picture
Courtice, Harold USA El Paso Loretto Academy 8 years ago
jrbaas's picture
Baas, Jacquelynn USA Berkeley University of California Berkeley Art Museum 8 years ago
MAC's picture
Cartelli, Mary Anne USA New York Hunter College 8 years ago
Lindegard's picture
Holt, Linda Brown USA Trenton, Independent Scholar and Adjunct with a College and University 7 years ago
mosh359's picture
Reilly, Robert USA Akron QuantumKaosInc. 7 years ago
Carmody's picture
Humphreys, Barlow USA I am not affiliated I am not affiliated 7 years ago
Including The Stars
Including The Stars's picture
Vollero, Michael A. USA Orange City Spring & Autumn Martial Arts 7 years ago
Norman Harry Ro...
Norman Harry Rothschild's picture
Rothschild, Norman USA Jacksonville University of North Florida 7 years ago
Soaring Eagle
Soaring Eagle's picture
Ranada, Royce USA Redding Retrozone 7 years ago
laresnick's picture
Resnick, Laura USA New York Barnard College 7 years ago
gt's picture
tenedios, george usa lewisburg evangelical community hospital 7 years ago
jmtepper's picture
Taylor, Joanne USA Kutztown Kutztown University 7 years ago
Jolanda's picture
Stellingwerff, Jolanda USA Sebastopol American Dragon Gate Lineage 7 years ago
regula35's picture
Wendell, Aaron USA schnecksville Lehigh carbon community college 7 years ago
The Invisible Dragon
The Invisible Dragon's picture
Williams, Robert USA DeKalb Northern Illinois University 7 years ago
taoistpath's picture
Shojai, Pedram USA Newport Beach Taoist Path School of Alchemy 7 years ago
Roger Coe
Roger Coe's picture
Coe, Roger USA Palm Harbor Baha'i Research & Development 7 years ago
kammie's picture
Takahashi, Kammie usa St Louis Washington University 7 years ago
raymondsigrist's picture
Sigrist, Raymond USA Fairfax none 7 years ago
WSanders's picture
Sanders, Will USA charlottesville University of Virginia 7 years ago
pendragon97's picture
dragoo, nathan USA louisville n/a 7 years ago
brekhusr's picture
Brekhus, Rachel USA Columbia University of Missouri, MU Libraries 7 years ago
fruitjojo's picture
Gao, Jun USA Greensboro Guilford College 7 years ago
bala's picture
Teur De Gama, Bala USA Washington Esoteric News 7 years ago
dcarpent's picture
Carpenter, David USA Philadelphia Saint Joseph's University 7 years ago
Bill Mattucci
Bill Mattucci's picture
Mattucci, Bill USA Vero Beach Orchid Island Tai Chi Qi Gong Research Institute 7 years ago
DBathke's picture
Bathke, Dean USA Minneapolis Capella University 7 years ago
vitzma16's picture
Wilie D, Wiliam USA San Antonio DBHQ 7 years ago
jamestharpe's picture
Tharpe, James USA Roswell Art of Progress 7 years ago
iandchapman's picture
Ian, Chapman USA Tuscaloosa University of Alabama 7 years ago
delongrob's picture
delong, rob USA San Francisco ACTCM 6 years ago
echeng4's picture
Cheng, Emily USA New York School of Visual Arts 7 years ago
sparhawk's picture
Andrade, Luis usa n/a n/a Private researcher. Was recommended by Steve Marshall/Joel Biroco to visit 7 years ago
tyler_9110's picture
John, Smith USA Elmhurst Elmhurst College 7 years ago
epluribusp's picture
Bloom, Phillip USA Cambridge Harvard University 7 years ago
zhenjiu's picture
Fazio, Anthony USA Ithaca Peaceful Spirit Acupuncture 7 years ago
k.t.'s picture
Townsend, Kate USA Seattle Daoist Foundation 7 years ago
ChunHui's picture
Chuang, ChunHui USA Boulder University of Colorado at Boulder 7 years ago
Mark Saltveit
Mark Saltveit's picture
Saltveit, Mark USA Portland Taoish - a place for irreverent spirituality 7 years ago
caryn diel
caryn diel's picture
Diel, Caryn USA Santa Fe White Cloud Institute 7 years ago
Robert Oney
Robert Oney's picture
Oney, Robert USA Boulder University of Colorado-Boulder 7 years ago
littlejohnr's picture
Littlejohn, Ronnie USA Nashville Belmont University 7 years ago
davehall's picture
Hall, Dave USA Long Beach Long Beach State 7 years ago
Chiographer's picture
Newhall, Scott USA Los Angeles Fitness Foods Enterprises 6 years ago
Srisuda H
Srisuda H's picture
Hongthai, Srisuda USA San Rafael The Buddha Garden 6 years ago
Tom Suchan
Tom Suchan's picture
Suchan, Tom USA Ypsilanti Eastern Michigan University 5 years ago