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Username Surname Country City Institution Datesort icon
Vagabond's picture
Langridge, Patrick France Limoges Dechen Choling Shambhala Buddhist Meditation Center 2 years ago
paulburgess's picture
Burgess, Paul UK Newcatsle-Under-Lyme Newcastle-Under-Lyme College 2 years ago
DonBenito's picture
Nielsen, Bent Denmark Copenhagen Copenhagen University 2 years ago
andrewjcroft's picture
Croft, Andrew UK Leeds Leeds Beckett University 3 years ago
Elise Strongin
Elise Strongin's picture
Strongin, Elise USA Harrisonburg James Madison University 3 years ago
Miriam Caravella
Miriam Caravella's picture
Caravella, Miriam India Beas Radha Soami Satsang Beas 3 years ago
hawtdawg's picture
B, J Taiwan None None 3 years ago
Dr. Johann Bölts
Dr. Johann Bölts's picture
Bölts, Johann Germany Oldenburg Universität Oldenburg 3 years ago
Devin Barczewski
Devin Barczewski's picture
Devin, Barczewski USA Charlottesville University of Virginia 3 years ago
fukunpeng's picture
Fredrick, Peter South Korea Daejeon Woosong University 3 years ago
Allen Liu
Allen Liu's picture
Liu, Junjie China Chengdu Freelance 3 years ago
zoe900219's picture
Fu, Jing China Yanji Yanbian University 3 years ago
GuoAilin's picture
Achermann, Ai-Linh Switzerland Zürich University of Zurich 3 years ago
kenziek's picture
Lau-Kwong, Kenzie China Hong Kong Kenn & K Consulting Ltd. 3 years ago
azyland's picture
shan, kun china shanghai jizi zhengyi of daoist studies center 3 years ago
tfeezell's picture
Tyler, Feezell Taiwan (R.O.C.) Taipei National Chengchi University 3 years ago
sgp's picture
Powis, Susan none none none 3 years ago
William Sidharta
William Sidharta's picture
Sidharta, William Indonesia Jakarta Atlasat Solusindo 3 years ago
Juntzulan's picture
Lan, Fei U.S.A University The University of Mississippi 3 years ago
Patrice FAVA
Patrice FAVA's picture
FAVA, Patrice China Beijing EFEO Beijing Center 3 years ago
Yul Tang
Yul Tang's picture
Yul, Tang china Beijing Chaoyang Theatre 3 years ago
Maodao's picture
Lebranchu, Marc France Paris EPHE 3 years ago
Gabriele Hock
Gabriele Hock's picture
Gabriele Hock, Hock England - United Kingdom Oxford, UK none 3 years ago
Pierrejc's picture
Pierre, Jclaude USA Oakland Saybrook 3 years ago's picture
Wu, Charles Q. USA Portland Reed College 3 years ago
scotthicks's picture
Hicks, Scott US charlotte Journey Auto Sales, Inc, 3 years ago
pginn's picture
Ginn, Ginn USA Sacramento Phillip Ginn 3 years ago
Fahasoavana's picture
JAOMANORO, VENANT MADAGASCAR Antananarivo University of Antananarivo 3 years ago
aenimauk's picture
Benjamin, Coles China Beijing Renmin University of China 3 years ago
Margaret Chan
Margaret Chan's picture
Chan, Margaret Singapore Singapore Singapore Management University 3 years ago
joe0215's picture
joe, whelton USA sarasota scs 3 years ago
Jeff's picture
waistell, Jeff UK Oxford, UK Oxford Brookes University 3 years ago
Markus Maria Wagner
Markus Maria Wagner's picture
Wagner, Markus Maria Germany Marburg University of Marburg 3 years ago
CheshireFox's picture
Evans, Ryan USA Ashlsnd Ryote Ken Kitsune Ryu 3 years ago
Michael LaFargue
Michael LaFargue's picture
LaFargue, Michael USA Boston University of Massachusetts Boston 3 years ago
john.voigt@comc...'s picture
Voigt, John USA Temecula Qi Encyclopedia 3 years ago
zhuangmr's picture
WU, Nengchang France Paris EPHE - CRCAO 3 years ago
DIA's picture
Matthew, Brewer UK Faversham Daoist Internal Arts 3 years ago
Li Xuanzong
Li Xuanzong's picture
di Ieso, Vincenzo Italy Caserta Taoist Church of Italy 3 years ago
delicateflower's picture
scott, christina jo united states chandler Christy Cole 3 years ago
TaoistCenter's picture
Feng, Alex USA Oakland Zhi Dao Guan, The Taoist Center 3 years ago
Dr.lijuntao's picture
Li, Juntao China Chengdu Sichuan Normal University 3 years ago
zhuyiwen's picture
ZHU, YIWEN China PRC Hong Kong Centre for Studies of Daoist Culture 3 years ago
chienhuiliou's picture
Liou, Chien-Hui R.O.C. Nantou County Anthro-Celestial Research Institute, The Tienti Teachings 3 years ago
rimingz's picture
zhang, 阳 中国 北京 北京大学 3 years ago
yylgzg's picture
zhang, yang 中华人民共和国 海淀区 北京大学 3 years ago
xiaojiao's picture
Cui, Xiaojiao China PRC Beijing Peking University 3 years ago
liuxiang's picture
liu, xiang China PRC Beijing Beijing Normal University 3 years ago
brianpine's picture
Pine, Brian NA NA NA 3 years ago
wangquay74's picture
wang, Qian Chuna nanjing southeast university 3 years ago