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Username Surname Countrysort icon City Institution Date
Engelhardt Ute
Engelhardt Ute's picture
Engelhardt, Ute Germany Muenchen Institut of Sinology, University of Munich 9 years ago
Friedrichs Elisabeth
Friedrichs Elisabeth's picture
Friedrichs, Elisabeth Germany Augsburg Private Practice 9 years ago
Klaus Hilmar
Klaus Hilmar's picture
Klaus, Hilmar Germany Aachen private 9 years ago
Geiss Hans Peter
Geiss Hans Peter's picture
Geiss, Hans Peter Germany D-65510 Idstein Practioner TCM - Taijiquan-teacher 9 years ago
Bluck Hagen
Bluck Hagen's picture
Bluck, Hagen Germany Karlsruhe Bo Chi Lam 9 years ago
Fu Han Gen
Fu Han Gen's picture
Fu, Han Gen Germany Karlsruhe Bo Chi Lam 9 years ago
Rekk Konstantin
Rekk Konstantin's picture
Rekk, Konstantin Germany Berlin DQGG (Deutsche Qigong Gesellschaft) 9 years ago
hohlfeld siegfried
hohlfeld siegfried's picture
hohlfeld, siegfried germany 74564 crailsheim augenarztpraxis 9 years ago
engert britta
engert britta's picture
engert, britta germany berlin zentrum f_ 9 years ago
Noll Andreas
Noll Andreas's picture
Noll, Andreas Germany Munich Professor (Chengdu University of TCM) 9 years ago
quatorze's picture
Steavu, Dominic Germany Heidelberg Heidelberg University 9 years ago
Lorenzen Udo
Lorenzen Udo's picture
Lorenzen, Udo Germany 24106 Kiel 9 years ago
Hemm Dagmar
Hemm Dagmar's picture
Hemm, Dagmar Germany Munich Naturheilpraxis 9 years ago
Schmidt Glintze...
Schmidt Glintzer Helwig's picture
Schmidt-Glintzer, Helwig Germany 38304 Wolfenb_ Herzog August Bibliothek 9 years ago
Seiwert Hubert
Seiwert Hubert's picture
Seiwert, Hubert Germany Leipzig University of Leipzig 9 years ago
rainer09t's picture
Zimmermann, Rainer E. Germany Munich UAS Munich 9 years ago
liciadigia's picture
Di Giacinto, Licia Germany Bochum Ruhr University Bochum 9 years ago
claudia von collani
claudia von collani's picture
von Collani, Claudia Germany Muenster Institut fuer Missionswissenschaft 9 years ago
Ansgar Gerstner
Ansgar Gerstner's picture
Gerstner, Ansgar Germany Hamburg Not permantly affiliated with a university 8 years ago
Röllicke Herman...
Röllicke Hermann-Josef's picture
Röllicke, Hermann-Josef Germany Düsseldorf EKO-Haus der Japanischen Kultur e.V., Düsseldorf 8 years ago
mrs.jones's picture
Jones, jessieca Germany Munich Ludwig Maximilian University 8 years ago
dhamalian's picture
Hamalian, David Germany Bremen Jacobs University Bremen 8 years ago
Joseba Estevez
Joseba Estevez's picture
Estevez, Joseba Germany Münster Institut für Ethnologie (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) 8 years ago
Sigmundsfreund's picture
Hirschmann, Thomas Germany Mannheim University of Mannheim 8 years ago
Dr. med. Ingrid...
Dr. med. Ingrid Reuther's picture
Reuther, Ingrid Germany Bonn Medizinische Gesellschaft für Qigong Yangsheng, e.V., Bonn 8 years ago
jimmo's picture
Mohr, James Germany Untersiemau Selbsthilfe-Coburg 8 years ago
jipehem's picture
Mercier, Jean-Philippe Germany Berlin Personal cultivation 8 years ago
Monika Gaenssbauer
Monika Gaenssbauer's picture
Gaenssbauer, Monika Germany Erlangen Institute of Chinese Studies University of Erlangen 8 years ago
Su Weilang
Su Weilang's picture
Schulz, Wieland Germany Leipzig Institute of East Asian Studies, Leipzig University 8 years ago
sazzy's picture
Masich, Samuel Germany Berlin Maxiqi Neijiaquan 7 years ago
michhoec's picture
Hoeckelmann, Michael Germany Muenster Institute of Sinology and East Asian Studies, Westfaelische Wilhelms University Muenster 7 years ago
Mattis's picture
Hammelmann-Simons, Mathias Germany Bochum Ruhr-Universität 6 years ago
chadoshihan's picture
Staufenbiel, Gerhardt Germany Igensdorf Myoshinan Chadojo 6 years ago
Graziano's picture
Vello, Graziano Germany Aachen Wushan International 6 years ago
Sandra Foppiano...
Sandra Foppiano Reker's picture
Foppiano Reker, Sandra Germany Hamburg University of Hamburg 5 years ago
Taro54's picture
Scheurer, Wolfgang Germany Mannheim Tai Chi Chuan in Mannheim und Umgebung 2 years ago
Ulrike Middendorf
Ulrike Middendorf's picture
Middendorf, Ulrike Germany Heidelberg University of Heidelberg 2 years ago
philipshifu's picture
Leymann, Philip Germany Bremen University of Applied Sciences Bremen 4 years ago
Markus Maria Wagner
Markus Maria Wagner's picture
Wagner, Markus Maria Germany Marburg University of Marburg 4 years ago
Dr. Johann Bölts
Dr. Johann Bölts's picture
Bölts, Johann Germany Oldenburg Universität Oldenburg 3 years ago
Qiushui's picture
Henninger, Christoph Germany Heidelberg Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg 1 year ago
Rev.LiuDeMing's picture
Liu, Patrick Germany Hannover Deutsche Daoistische Vereinigung e.V. 1 year ago
dadzie joseph
dadzie joseph's picture
dadzie, joseph ghana accra ashanti education 9 years ago
eightimmortals's picture
Buck, Elaine Great Britain London SOAS, University of London 2 years ago
Wagner Joachim
Wagner Joachim's picture
Wagner, Joachim Hessen Bad Wildungen Medizinische Gesellschaft f_ 9 years ago
Cobos Schlicht ...
Cobos Schlicht Carlos's picture
Cobos Schlicht, Carlos Hessen Frankfurt 9 years ago
Laikuen's picture
CHENG, Laikuen HK SAR HK SAR The Chinese University of Hong Kong 9 years ago
joechu's picture
CHU, JOE HK SAR N.T. KFBG 6 years ago
Shalmon Ido
Shalmon Ido's picture
Shalmon, Ido holland amsterdam the rietveld academy 9 years ago
Liu Xiaogan
Liu Xiaogan's picture
Liu, Xiaogan Hong Kong Shatin Chinese University of Hong Kong 9 years ago