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Username Surname Country City Institution Datesort icon
jimi's picture
McNeal, Jimmie USA, Broomfield colorado school of wing chun 5 years ago
hilkant's picture
shang, zhikong china beijing peking university 5 years ago
pclwong's picture
Wong, Chi Ling China PRC guangzhou Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine 5 years ago
roncamilleri's picture
Camilleri, Ronald Malta Birkirkara Be Well Centre 5 years ago
jose cayota
jose cayota's picture
barrios rey, JOSÉ spain barcelona barrios rey 5 years ago
nonoguy330's picture
nonoguy330, nonoguy330 Taiwan (R.O.C.) Taipei TT univ. 5 years ago
delongrob's picture
delong, rob USA San Francisco ACTCM 5 years ago
Graziano's picture
Vello, Graziano Germany Aachen Wushan International 5 years ago
Christopher Cottrell
Christopher Cottrell's picture
Cottrell, Christopher China Hong Kong Odyessey Publishing 5 years ago
Lammer-Heindel's picture
Lammer-Heindel, Christoffer USA Dubuque Loras College 5 years ago
TaoMonkeyMind's picture
Skinner, Josh United States of America Greenville Greenville Tao Society 5 years ago
Russell Holley-Hurt
Russell Holley-Hurt's picture
Holley-Hurt, Russell USA Austin University of Texas at Austin 5 years ago
Charissa Owens
Charissa Owens's picture
Owens, Charissa USA Amherst University of Massachusetts, Amherst 5 years ago
Genji's picture
Kure, Li Unite States Holt Genji School Of Dao Studies 5 years ago
Laurence A. G. Moss
Laurence A. G. Moss's picture
Moss, Laurence A. G. CANADA Kaslo Turtle Pavilion 5 years ago
Ralphcll8's picture
stu268, hij717 cn uvw623 opq877 5 years ago
jes.wheelwright's picture
Wheelwright, Jessica U.S.A New York Hunter College 5 years ago
Flowing Hands
Flowing Hands's picture
flowing, hands england Truro Hau Tuo Daoist school 5 years ago
joechu's picture
CHU, JOE HK SAR N.T. KFBG 5 years ago
valoraami's picture
Kamppinen, Kamppinen finland Vantaa Ferokh 5 years ago
Chuck Sullivan
Chuck Sullivan's picture
Sullivan, Chuck U.S.A Memphis Sullivan Acupuncture 5 years ago
ozkancuma's picture
Ozkan, Cuma USA Iowa City University of Iowa 5 years ago
pgregory's picture
Gregory, Peter USA Northampton Smith College 5 years ago
halvore's picture
Eifring, Halvor Norway Oslo University of Oslo 5 years ago
Diecus's picture
Argandona, Diego México México City Facultad de Filosofía y Letras-UNAM 5 years ago
Swish's picture
Jones, Tank USA Detroit y.e.i 6 years ago
Ryan John Taylo...
Ryan John Taylor Adams's picture
Adams, Ryan John Taylor USA Santa Barbara University of California, Santa Barbara 6 years ago
stein's picture
hoing, poing kenya nairobi kenyatta university 6 years ago
grissetteconway's picture
james grissette, james grissette U.S.A conway hgtc 6 years ago
木兎火龍's picture
Rob, F. Canada Montréal McGill University 6 years ago
acridir's picture
ridir, ac China HuaiHua HuaiHua TCM Medical College 6 years ago
Harry Egger
Harry Egger's picture
egger, Harry England - United Kingdom Southport Ainsdale and Birkdale U3A Tia Chi Club 6 years ago
chadoshihan's picture
Staufenbiel, Gerhardt Germany Igensdorf Myoshinan Chadojo 6 years ago
adlercat's picture
Marta, Adler UK London Adler Int 6 years ago
tchong64's picture
Chong, Tae, Tae Chong n/a n/a n/a 6 years ago
bp699's picture
個人, 順 台灣 嘉義市 tipp 6 years ago
Hay Arruda
Hay Arruda's picture
Raymundo Paula de Arruda, An Hai Bao Brasil Niteroi Escola Tao Te Tang 6 years ago
bachuxiao's picture
xiao, xiao china guangzhou sun yet sun university 6 years ago
daoistdruid's picture
Eplegard, Ryan uk York York St John 6 years ago
megobishop's picture
Bishop, Maegan USA Memphis Southwest Community College 6 years ago
liudesen's picture
liu, desen china HEFEI CHINA ANHUI USTC 6 years ago
prince monkey
prince monkey's picture
Smith, John America Atlanta ATT 6 years ago
vboutte's picture
Boutte, Veronica USA Columbia University of Phoenix 6 years ago
Karuna's picture
Grant, Beata USA Saint Louis Washington University in St. Louis 6 years ago
wangjialin's picture
wang, jialin China xianyang daojiaoyanjiu 6 years ago
moreiro's picture
moreiro, Miguel Switzerland Sissach Praxis Allgemein Medizin 6 years ago
countsufi's picture
Bakhuijsen, Antonie United Kingdom London Antonie Bakhuijsen 6 years ago
马彦飞's picture
ma, mark china zhengzhou mark 6 years ago
prot85's picture
Popescu, Angel Iulian Romania Bucharest University of Bucharest 6 years ago
Ma Lin
Ma Lin's picture
LECLERC, Stephane None None None 6 years ago