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Username Surname Country City Institution Datesort icon
Ma Lin
Ma Lin's picture
LECLERC, Stephane None None None 6 years ago
waypet's picture
Pettitt, Wayne Australia Perth City University of Western Australia 6 years ago
John_Studley's picture
Studley, John UK London JSA 6 years ago
Kingficher's picture
Rosen, Monte USA Jackson Jackson Hole Center for the Arts 6 years ago
mattiabaldi's picture
Mattia, Baldi Italy rome Academy of Fine Arts 6 years ago
Sonica's picture
Di Clemente, Sonia Italy Rome Università degli studi "La Sapienza" 6 years ago
Chen Dao Zhang
Chen Dao Zhang's picture
chen, bowen USA New York American Daoism Association 6 years ago
RafMazur's picture
Mazur, Rafal Poland Kraków Jagiellonian University, Institute of Philosophy 6 years ago
tianshi's picture
Ottaviani, Angela Italy Rome Università degli Studi "La Sapienza" 6 years ago
Ted J. Cibik
Ted J. Cibik's picture
Cibik, Ted J. USA Leechburg Inner Strength 6 years ago
beleve26's picture
Coulthard, Beleve United Kingdom Canterbury university of kent 6 years ago
freang's picture
ang, freddy indonesia gresik pt makmur 6 years ago
taichifigueres's picture
Vilà i Oliveras, Jordi Spain Figueres WUDANG, Escola de tai-chi i Qigong 6 years ago
cionni's picture
Cionni, Diane US Boston Massachusetts College of Art 6 years ago
Freddy Yang
Freddy Yang's picture
6 years ago
happyfish's picture
Budriūnaitė, Agnė Lithuania Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University 6 years ago
Kevin W Chen
Kevin W Chen's picture
6 years ago
cosmopug's picture
Crawford, Robert Australia Melbourne Melbourne University 6 years ago
matthewmck's picture
McKinnon, Matthew USA Greensboro University of North Carolina at Greensboro 6 years ago
Mattis's picture
Hammelmann-Simons, Mathias Germany Bochum Ruhr-Universität 6 years ago
He Tianni
He Tianni's picture
何, 建朝 中国 重庆 重庆西南大学文学院 6 years ago
TeemuQi's picture
Suuntamaa, Teemu Finland Helsinki University of Helsinki 6 years ago
luiz arias
luiz arias's picture
arias, luiz brasil santos acupuntura pro 6 years ago
Kaung Myat
Kaung Myat's picture
6 years ago
galitay's picture
gal, itay israel raanana east-west school 6 years ago
yewell king
yewell king's picture
King, Yewell King United States of America louisville Do Ho Katsu Ryu 6 years ago
shaman_hill's picture
Eythorsson, Jon Egill Iceland Reykjavik University of Iceland 6 years ago
James Pickard
James Pickard's picture
Pickard, James United Kingdom London School of Oriental and African Studies 6 years ago
fillerytravis's picture
Fillery-Travis, Annette UK London Middlesex University 6 years ago
Srisuda H
Srisuda H's picture
Hongthai, Srisuda USA San Rafael The Buddha Garden 7 years ago
Chiographer's picture
Newhall, Scott USA Los Angeles Fitness Foods Enterprises 7 years ago
davehall's picture
Hall, Dave USA Long Beach Long Beach State 7 years ago
littlejohnr's picture
Littlejohn, Ronnie USA Nashville Belmont University 7 years ago
Ting Chuang
Ting Chuang's picture
Liew, Ting Chuang Malaysia USM School of The Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia 7 years ago
Robert Oney
Robert Oney's picture
Oney, Robert USA Boulder University of Colorado-Boulder 7 years ago
caryn diel
caryn diel's picture
Diel, Caryn USA Santa Fe White Cloud Institute 7 years ago
Mark Saltveit
Mark Saltveit's picture
Saltveit, Mark USA Portland Taoish - a place for irreverent spirituality 7 years ago
Yujun's picture
 Yang, Yujun Taiwan Minxiong Chung Cheng University 7 years ago
ChunHui's picture
Chuang, ChunHui USA Boulder University of Colorado at Boulder 7 years ago
Mehrban's picture
Mehr, Aban Iran Tehran Sufidao 7 years ago
liebaochen's picture
Yuan, Chen China Xu Zhou School of Foreign Studies 7 years ago
Daoqi's picture
Alberto, Pingitore Italia Grosseto Associazione Daoista Quan Dao 全道 7 years ago
Jane X. Jin
Jane X. Jin's picture
Jin, X. Jane Canada Toronto Abundant Life Qigong Intelligence Center 7 years ago
goretta's picture
Traverso, Goretta Italy San Pietro al Natisone private 7 years ago
AgileMind's picture
Hasham, Beau Netherlands Haarlem Anatta 7 years ago
kunlun's picture
johnson, peter England - United Kingdom Brighton sussex university 7 years ago
wu's picture
charman, howard england the cosmos Daoist temple school of spiritual and martial excellence 7 years ago
k.t.'s picture
Townsend, Kate USA Seattle Daoist Foundation 7 years ago
winkler's picture
Winkler, Eva Austria Salzburg University Salzburg - Institute for Art History 7 years ago
zhenjiu's picture
Fazio, Anthony USA Ithaca Peaceful Spirit Acupuncture 7 years ago