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Username Surname Countrysort icon City Institution Date
Blouin Nicolas
Blouin Nicolas's picture
Blouin, Nicolas Canada Concordia University 9 years ago
bob robert
bob robert's picture
bob, robert Canada verdun universit_ 9 years ago
Reevie Robert
Reevie Robert's picture
Reevie, Robert Canada Regina University of Regina 9 years ago
Wei Bingqing
Wei Bingqing's picture
Wei, Bingqing Canada Toronto University of Toronto 9 years ago
Coulter William
Coulter William's picture
Coulter, William Canada Riverside-Albert 9 years ago
Huson Joshua
Huson Joshua's picture
Huson, Joshua Canada North York York University 9 years ago
Wallbridge Kevin
Wallbridge Kevin's picture
Wallbridge, Kevin Canada Nelson Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences 9 years ago
Wong Kit
Wong Kit's picture
Wong, Kit Canada Burnaby Simon Fraser University 9 years ago
yee adrian
yee adrian's picture
yee, adrian canada scarborough york university 9 years ago
Linschoten Hermanus
Linschoten Hermanus's picture
Linschoten, Hermanus Canada Powell River 9 years ago
mdes@alcor.conc...'s picture
des Jardins, Marc Canada Montreal Concordia University 9 years ago
tucker afra
tucker afra's picture
tucker, afra canada montreal mcgill university 9 years ago
Sullivan Kurtis
Sullivan Kurtis's picture
Sullivan, Kurtis Canada Regina University of Regina 9 years ago
Vincent Shona
Vincent Shona's picture
Vincent, Shona Canada Athabasca Athabasca University 9 years ago
carey tina
carey tina's picture
carey, tina canada surrey 9 years ago
emagician's picture
Mark, Nugent Canada Montreal none 9 years ago
MajidBuell's picture
Buell, Majid Canada Vancouver Vancouver Rumi Society 9 years ago
dwu's picture
Wu, Danielle Canada Toronto York University 9 years ago
Barnwell Scott
Barnwell Scott's picture
Barnwell, Scott Canada N/A N/A 9 years ago
mstoye's picture
Toye, Megan Canada Ottawa University of Ottawa 9 years ago
Celie Randy
Celie Randy's picture
Celie, Randy Canada Hamilton McMaster University 9 years ago
ms08tu's picture
Srndic, Maja Canada St. Catharines Brock University 9 years ago
Mroz Daniel
Mroz Daniel's picture
Mroz, Daniel Canada Ottawa University of Ottawa 9 years ago
Dana Roberts
Dana Roberts's picture
Roberts, Dana Canada Vancouver Vancouver Coastal Health 9 years ago
zhaoxiao's picture
zhao, xiao Canada Toronto Intercontinental Toronto Center 8 years ago
tuzhi's picture
Ng, Margaret Canada Montreal mcgill university 8 years ago
Ibalkis's picture
Balkis, Imad Canada Montreal McGill University 8 years ago
McLaughlin-Jenkins E
McLaughlin-Jenkins E's picture
McLaughlin-Jenkins, Erin Canada Toronto York University 8 years ago
Haeeun Shin
Haeeun Shin's picture
Shin, Haeeun Canada Quebec Laval University 8 years ago
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray's picture
Murray, Daniel Canada Kingston Queen's University 8 years ago
Terry Woo
Terry Woo's picture
Woo, Terry Tak-ling Canada Toronto York University 8 years ago
jritchie's picture
Lundin Ritchie, Jennifer Canada Vancouver University of British Columbia 8 years ago
amoore211's picture
Moore, Andrew Canada London Fung Loy Kok Institue of Taoism 8 years ago
Bill Hulet
Bill Hulet's picture
Hulet, Bill Canada Guelph Heavenly Cave of Cloudwalking Owl 7 years ago
Timothy Booth
Timothy Booth's picture
Booth, Timothy W. Canada Toronto Integral Qigong 7 years ago
rcrossman's picture
Crossman, Rozena Canada Kingston Queens University 7 years ago
Pat-F's picture
Firth, Patrick Canada Windsor University of Windsor 7 years ago
s_vink's picture
Vink, Sander Canada Toronto Alumnus Rijksuniversity Leiden, Xiamen University 7 years ago
chip morgan
chip morgan's picture
chip, morgan canada north vancouver africa water bank 7 years ago
John Stubbs
John Stubbs's picture
Stubbs, John Canada Castleton None 7 years ago
Jane X. Jin
Jane X. Jin's picture
Jin, X. Jane Canada Toronto Abundant Life Qigong Intelligence Center 7 years ago
木兎火龍's picture
Rob, F. Canada Montréal McGill University 6 years ago
Laurence A. G. Moss
Laurence A. G. Moss's picture
Moss, Laurence A. G. CANADA Kaslo Turtle Pavilion 6 years ago
Heondong's picture
Woo, Heung ryong Canada Manotick HeonDong 5 years ago
anthonyk's picture
kamanos, anthony canada montreal anthony kamanos 4 years ago
Elizabeth Thayer
Elizabeth Thayer's picture
Elizabeth, Thayer Canada Toronto None 1 year ago
JackLHoward's picture
Howard, Jack Canada Toronto Royal Ontario Museum 2 years ago
taobonbon's picture
Singer, Georges Canada Montreal University of Quebec in Montreal 1 year ago
elim's picture
Kaye, Elim canada North Vancouver university of the air 1 year ago
mliang_1999@yah...'s picture
Liang, Matthew Canada Richmond York Alu Corp 1 year ago