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Username Surname Country City Institution Datesort icon
Alexey Martynov
Alexey Martynov's picture
Doan, Khan Ukraine Donetsk Sumeru 7 years ago
Lonny Jarrett
Lonny Jarrett's picture
Jarrett, Lonny USA/Canada All over Continuing Education Faculty Many Schools 7 years ago
raymondsigrist's picture
Sigrist, Raymond USA Fairfax none 7 years ago
JohnWillemsens's picture
Willemsens, John Netherlands Amsterdam Advayavada Foundation 7 years ago
Daniel Li Ox
Daniel Li Ox's picture
Li Ox, Daniel Indonesia Penestanan, Ubud Wandering Dao 7 years ago
Belial_yfy's picture
Yang, Fengyun Peoples Republic of China Yangzhou Yangzhou University 7 years ago
Daveburnett's picture
Burnett, David PRC China Chengdu Institute of Education 7 years ago's picture
Legato, Gianna IT Roma On Zon Su School 7 years ago
Kate Miller
Kate Miller's picture
Miller, Kathryn Winifred New Zealand Dunedin University of Otago 7 years ago
kammie's picture
Takahashi, Kammie usa St Louis Washington University 7 years ago
Dokusho Villalba
Dokusho Villalba's picture
Francisco Fernandez Villalba, Rev. Dokushô Villalba Roshi España Casas del Río Comunidad Budista Soto Zen 7 years ago
rbg's picture
Gabbard, Ralph U.S.A> Tempe Arizona State University 7 years ago
Nikodemus's picture
Madsen, Nikolaj Denmark Frederiksberg CBS 7 years ago
Santorini Alberto
Santorini Alberto's picture
Santorini Alberto, Santorini Alberto India Pondicherry Institut Francais de Pondichery 7 years ago
matthieu.wolmark's picture
wolmark, matthieu france paris no tax on dream productions 7 years ago
livswamp10's picture
Mc Kenna, Lauren Ireland Dublin University College Dublin 7 years ago
Roger Coe
Roger Coe's picture
Coe, Roger USA Palm Harbor Baha'i Research & Development 7 years ago
kanshin_d's picture
Kopp, Beat G. Switzerland Buetzberg Yadonashi zen group 7 years ago
taoistpath's picture
Shojai, Pedram USA Newport Beach Taoist Path School of Alchemy 7 years ago
The Invisible Dragon
The Invisible Dragon's picture
Williams, Robert USA DeKalb Northern Illinois University 7 years ago
svenkonga's picture
Konga, Sven Estonia Haapsalu Eesti Neijingi Kool 7 years ago
regula35's picture
Wendell, Aaron USA schnecksville Lehigh carbon community college 7 years ago
lucoolbreeze's picture
Shu, Wo Ping United States Dobbs Ferry Mercy College 7 years ago
adrianbeh's picture
Beh, Adrian Malaysia Georgetown Taoist Penang Temple 7 years ago
Jolanda's picture
Stellingwerff, Jolanda USA Sebastopol American Dragon Gate Lineage 7 years ago
Muriel Kirton
Muriel Kirton's picture
Muriel, Kirton Scotland, UK Edinburgh River-of-Jade Taoist Healing Arts 7 years ago
Levenda's picture
Levenda, Peter N/A N/A N/A 7 years ago
lao tan
lao tan's picture
tan, lao indonesia surabaya lao tan taoist academy 7 years ago
gojkom's picture
milidrag, gojko Serbia belgrade univerzitet u beogradu 7 years ago
StephenDL's picture
Lodge, Stephen UK None None 7 years ago
Jan's picture
Bowden, Jan UK W-s-M Inner Tranquility 7 years ago
Healing Tai Chi
Healing Tai Chi's picture
Quarta, Cynthia U.S.A. Great Falls University of Great Falls 7 years ago
jmtepper's picture
Taylor, Joanne USA Kutztown Kutztown University 7 years ago
sazzy's picture
Masich, Samuel Germany Berlin Maxiqi Neijiaquan 7 years ago
fontel's picture
fontel, flemming denmark 3250 gilleleje daoist studies 7 years ago
daodoug's picture
McMillan, Douglas U.S.A San Francisco California Institute of Integral Studies 7 years ago
ice_rider's picture
Cheng, Yvonne Australia Sydney University of New South Wales 7 years ago
Barhanna's picture
Johnson, Dale China Yongchuan Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences 7 years ago
gt's picture
tenedios, george usa lewisburg evangelical community hospital 7 years ago
rcrossman's picture
Crossman, Rozena Canada Kingston Queens University 7 years ago
houzhaomin666's picture
hou, zhaomin China jinan Philosophical Research Society 7 years ago
laresnick's picture
Resnick, Laura USA New York Barnard College 7 years ago
James Alamanos
James Alamanos's picture
Alamanos, James Not Available Not available Not available 7 years ago
sanbasan's picture
Volgyesi, Paul Hungary Budapest TTAKO 7 years ago
allinghi's picture
Lazzarelli, Alessandro Taiwan Hsin Chu National Tsing Hua University 7 years ago
Soaring Eagle
Soaring Eagle's picture
Ranada, Royce USA Redding Retrozone 7 years ago
Norman Harry Ro...
Norman Harry Rothschild's picture
Rothschild, Norman USA Jacksonville University of North Florida 7 years ago
Timothy Booth
Timothy Booth's picture
Booth, Timothy W. Canada Toronto Integral Qigong 7 years ago
mercucchio's picture
montero, jose mexico Puebla tao dang 7 years ago
mahaitao's picture
Manenti, Herta Italy Venice Dept. od East Asian Studies, Università Ca'Foscari,Venezia 7 years ago