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Liu De Ming 刘德明, daoist name De Zhong 德忠, was born in the early '80s in Germany. As child he was very sick and therefore started early to practice qigong, meditation and martial arts, at age of 19 he began studying the internal martial arts. From then on he focused on the path of inner cultivation and the teachings of Daoism., He is the 24th generation Daoist priest and lineage holder of the Quan Zhen Long Men Pai, Daoist title Cheng Yong 诚勇 and adept of Wu Dang Pai., Along with daoism he studies alternative healing methods, traditional Chinese medicine and Tui Na massage, spiritual and religious studies, geomancy (Feng Shui), natural science, astronomy, Chinese astrology, Yi Jing oracle and early East Asian history and legends, etc. He speaks fluent Chinese and translates daoist texts, for example: Dao De Jing, Qing Jing Jing, Xin Jing etc, from Chinese into English and German., He has a passion for chinese/daoist art, calligraphy and music., He lived more than a year in a self-built small wooden hut, surrounded by nature and without water and electricity supply. During this time he has been able to make deeper experience in his practices., In 2005 he opened the Wudang San Feng Wu Guan and gave courses and seminars in several local martial arts schools and public institutions; he taught classes and private students, participated in charity events and different martial arts shows in Germany., To deepen his studies he left everything behind and went on a journey to China in the spring of 2007 without return ticket and only a little cash in his pockets. He lives a simple life and devoted entirely to the study and cultivation of the Dao, the Internal Martial Arts and the support of others in their training and practice., 2013 he founded the Wudang Daoist Institute, the Centre for research of the Wudang arts and Daoism., To bring more people closer to daoism, daoist healing techniques, martial arts and the culture of the Wudang mountains, together with Liu Wen Zhuo he founded WU DAO SHU in 2014., In 2015 they founded the European Daoist Association to develop the daoism in Europe., In 2016 the German Daoist Association was found to develop the daoism in Germany


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